One of the biggest surprise premiere at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show this year was the unique one-of-a-kind automobile that you see in the photos. Named Julia, this extraordinary hand-made automobile was created by Peter Szabo in Romania. The most spectacular feature of this four-seater roadster is its wooden bodywork! Moreover, it is not only this but also windshield frame, dashboard, interior parts, steering wheel and even elements of 19-inch wheel rims are handcrafted of wood! Certainly, the least component that you would imagine to find in such a retro car is a modern tablet computer mounted into the central column. Wrapped around in wood it serves as an instrument panel. No more buttons here, only a gear knob (made of metal, by the way ;)

Thankfully, this wooden roadster sits well on a metal chassis. The Julia uses completely reworked Mercedes-Benz seats while under an electronically controlled hood is mounted a Ford Taunus V6 2.3-liter engine producing 110hp.

Mr Szabo does not emphasize nor provides more detailed specifications for the Julia. It is not even needed, after all. The Wood Roadster is not about performance. It is about retro elegance and hard work put into its creation. It is such an unordinary car that you may not be able to see again. While the car is for sale we hope it will find not only a good place in collector’s garage, but will be driven to amaze everyone.

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