Do you remember the extraordinary Arabic hypercar prototype – Devel Sixteen – presented at Dubai Motor Show in 2013? The team behind this proposed world’s most powerful and fastest car have just sent exclusive latest photographs to!

What you see below is the latest guise of the prototype for 5000hp, 350mph automobile.. Right, this sounds to good to be true, but the small Dubai-based company has just released more detailed preliminary specifications of their prototype. It is important to stress that the current car is a prototype. The actual production model will have V16 7.4-liter 1200hp engine for daily use with a claimed ability to switch to a maximum boost of 5000hp!

Obviously, there are still much development work to do, but the Devel team stays positive and hopes to publish first official photographs of the engine and dyno test results in November. Subscribe and stay tuned for all further news!

Devel Sixteen prototype specifications (accurate as at 2015-07)


V16 7.4L (5000 horsepower on highest boost)

2 valve per cylinder (32 valve)

4 turbochargers

Gearbox: 4 speed automatic

Rear wheel drive

Power selection:

-1200 horsepower for daily use

-2500 horsepower

-5000 horsepower

Tires & Wheels:

Front tire: 31×16.00 R20

Front wheel: 20 x 12

Rear tire: 33×22.00 R20

Rear wheel: 20 x 14


Weight 2300 kg

Wheelbase: 3458 mm

Length: 5304mm

Width front: 2114 mm

Width rear: 2410 mm

Height: 1272 mm


Acceleration 0-60 1.8 sec

Top speed (projected) 350mph


All carbon fiber body

Chassis: aluminium frame mounted on carbon fiber monocoque

Photos: Courtesy of Defining Extreme Vehicles Car Industry LLC