At the 46th Tokyo Motor Show, the theme is “Gathering”

Expressing a warm future living through concept cars and productions

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Daihatsu) will become the world premier at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show held in the Tokyo Odaiba area from October 24 (Thu) to November 4 (Mon) 4 Exhibit concept cars.

At the Daihatsu booth, with the theme of “Gathering-warming up the lives of everyone”, the entire booth expresses the “warm future of life” that people and each region in Japan will be energized by using cars.

In addition, content for children inside and outside the booth will be planned so that all visitors can enjoy the motor show. In the booth, there will be a kids corner where you can experience coloring pictures. Outside the booth, we will exhibit contents that allow you to experience the work of assembling cars in the collaboration area with the first child-friendly vocational experience facility "Kidzania" at the motor show.

The four world premiere concept cars were named “IcoIco”, “TsumuTsumu”, “WaiWai”, and “WakuWaku” based on the scenes used in daily life and the feelings of the users.

"IcoIco" is a "public transporter" that aims to play an active part in the first one mile and the last one mile by automatic driving, and "TsumuTsumu" is a "next generation light truck" that combines a big cabin and a large platform that is easy to use, despite being compact. As a concept car, I imagined mobility that will support the future of Japanese life. “WaiWai” is a just-sized minivan with a comfortable size, and “WakuWaku” is a light SUV concept car, a Daihatsu-like small car that emphasizes the fun of the car.

1. "IcoIco (Ikoiko) & Nipote (Nipote)"

“Public transporter”

Autonomous public transporter that supports everyone's willingness to move and uses it for the first / last one mile

- Equipped with a retractable slope in consideration of everyone getting on and off, such as passengers with car chairs and large luggage

- Aiming for use in the first / last one mile with a vehicle size that can move on narrow roads such as in front of your home or destination

- Assisting life related to movement by talking to the attached care robot “Nipote”

3. "WaiWai"

“Just-sized minivan with comfortable size”

An indoor space full of openness that makes everyone want to have fun

- Small minivan with 3 rows and 6 seats

- Sunroof specification with a feeling of openness in the room despite the compact size that is easy to drive

- Modern friendly design that sets it apart from conventional minivans

4. "WakuWaku"

“Light crossover that expands the world of play”

K-SUV of the closest size that you want to go anywhere with your favorite luggage

- Equipped with a luggage space that can be used and a roof luggage

- Interior and exterior design with a solid impression you can rely on