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17/10/2015 2898

An ultra rare Tom Meade's Thomassima goes for sale!

An incredibly rare and special custom-mae Ferrai by Tom Meade - the Thomassima II was fully restored and it now is fo sale for 'just' 9.000.000 USD!

This what the seller has to say about the car:

This is one of the three famous Thomassima automobiles built and designed by Tom Meade in the 60’s, the American designer known for going to Modena to pursue his dreams of coach built automobiles. Only Thomassima II and III are known to exist. Thomassima I was destroyed in a flood and Thomassima III is on loan at the factory Ferrari Museum in Modena. This is a one of one custom Italian built car that is part of Ferrari’s history. It is included in the Ferrari "bible" by Merritt and Fitzgerald, what many believe to be the history of record for all early Ferrari's. The body and design of the car was built by Piere Drogo of Drogo Carrozeria Sports Cars, the famous body builder of many of the famous Ferrari and Alfa Romeo race cars. The engine used was a Ferrari 250 inside plug V12, a very rare engine in itself. The chassis is a modified Cooper Climax F1 chassis from 1957. It was just recently unveiled at the 2015 Concorso Italiano and featured on the cover after a 7 year restoration.

The car was commissioned to be built by the owner in Northern California in 1966. The car was finished by Tom Meade in 1968 and brought over from Italy. Very soon after arriving it was shown at the 1968 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. It was titled in California as a 1967 Ferrari 250 P4, paying homage to its rich Ferrari history as well as the P4 race car inspiration. This elusive piece of automotive history was then considered lost since 1971 as it was not seen in public till this year. It was actually bought by the current owner in 1983 and stored for some time after that.

As you can see from several of the pictures, the car was built and designed very closely with Ferrari and Maserati engineers and mechanics as Tom Meade had worked for the Maserati race car division at one point. You can see the pictures of Enzo Ferrari standing next to the car with Tom Meade and several Ferrari mechanics as well as pictures of this car on the Fiorano race track at the Ferrari factory being tested.


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