Everyday incidents such as accidental oil spillage, bird droppings, and fingerprints can all leave lasting scratches and stains on your vehicle’s surface or cause corrosion. However, car coating, a second layer on top of the existing coat, can protect your car against these incidents. Besides increasing your car's longevity, paint coating's hardness also protects your vehicle against UV damage. Coatings such as ceramic coating offer a robust and protective surface on your vehicle's body to protect it from foreign matter damage. Here are reasons why you should consider ceramic coating for your car.

1. It protects against UV damage

While sun damage doesn’t occur immediately, exposing your car to UV rays over time breaks the paint molecules, destroying the clear coat and other parts of your vehicle like the plastic trim, headlights, and more. The breakdown of car paint molecules lowers color luster, causing a dulling effect and leading to oxidation and corrosion. 

However, using ceramic coating on your vehicle deflects UV rays, preventing them from infiltrating the original paint molecules, reducing the chances of potential corrosion, oxidation, molecular breakdown, and other things that result in paint job damage. Consider shopping for the best ceramic coatings for cars to ensure your vehicle gets the best protection.

2. It protects your car’s original paint

Whenever you drive your car, you expose it to contaminants that can damage it. The ceramic coating offers a robust and protective surface on your vehicle to prevent any foreign matter from damaging it. It enables your car to withstand a considerable amount of damage without manifesting any visible effects such as chemical staining, fading, and oxidation.

3. It lasts longer

Compared to traditional forms of paint coating such as waxing, the ceramic coating doesn't wear off as fast. It lasts longer even after the car has been exposed to UV rays, road grime, bird droppings, hard water drops, and other contaminants, boosting longevity.

4. It has hydrophobic properties

Keeping your car dry, especially during the rainy season, can be challenging. Still, the hydrophobic properties in ceramic coating repel water molecules, causing them to side off after coming into contact with the car. This helps protect your vehicle from stains caused by calcium and other mineral deposits in water and eliminates the need to run down a cloth over your vehicle each time it gets wet.

5. It keeps your car clean

Since ceramic coating repels water molecules and other contaminants like dirt, mud, and debris that can damage your vehicle, it stays cleaner for longer. If you live in a highly contaminated area or your commute can cause your ride to attract dirt and grime, ceramic coating keeps your car clean in between washes.

6. It makes your car easy to clean

The ceramic coating on your vehicle allows it to retain its showroom shine for longer. Combining this with its water and dirt repelling power makes it easier to clean. The repelling feature of ceramic coating also ensures that your car doesn’t need a hard scrub to give your vehicle a shiny look.


Paint coating, especially ceramic coating, is a great way to keep your vehicle safe from extreme weather conditions, dirt, debris, oil spillages, and other contaminants. It boosts your car's life and helps improve and maintain its value.