Getting into a car accident can be overwhelming and terrifying, especially if you have suffered injuries, or someone loses their life. Due to fear and confusion, you may not take the necessary steps to ensure total compensation for any financial or bodily harm suffered. Familiarizing yourself with critical factors in car accidents will help you stay safe in a worst case scenario. Here are the mistakes you should avoid after a car accident.

1. Not calling a car accident attorney

After experiencing the shock of a car accident, you may not be in the right frame of mind to make the right decisions. It’s advisable to hire a car accident attorney early, even if you weren't at fault. Along with advising you on avoiding making mistakes that could cost you in the end, a car accident attorney quantifies the damages to ensure you get the best possible compensation. They also negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf for a fair reimbursement that doesn't leave you at a financial loss. Consider contacting Georgia Trial Attorneys or any other accident attorneys within your locality.

2. Failure to call the police

While different states have different legal requirements about calling 911 from an accident scene, it's advisable to inform the police after a car accident, no matter how serious it is. The police can identify the guilty party by assessing the scene and applying the traffic rules. The police also make a report containing each parties' version of what transpired, along with their assessment. Ensure that you get a copy of the police report, as it's a requirement when filing for an insurance claim. Make sure that it contains the other driver’s contact details, license number plate, driving license number, and insurance details.

3. Moving your car

If someone is injured, moving your car could add to their injuries, causing more liabilities during a damages claim. Consider using the hazard lights as you wait for emergency help or the police. If there are no severe injuries, you may move your car to a safe place to avoid causing traffic or being close to other hazards.

4. Admitting guilt

If you admit guilt, you become liable for damages arising from the car accident. Let the police, insurance companies, and accident attorneys investigate and establish facts to base their liability claims. When you admit fault, the other side won't need to prove anything as you'll have taken all the financial burden upon yourself.

5. Not collecting evidence

Gathering evidence after a car accident gives your attorney a better chance to represent you. Consider taking photos of the accident scene, gathering contact information, and talking to witnesses. Where the accidents are too severe for victims to collect evidence, emergency response teams and the police collect the evidence needed.

6. Not seeking medical attention

If you suffered a minor accident with little to no visible injuries, avoid going straight home. Some accident symptoms such as headaches and back pain may manifest later, leading to more severe health consequences. Consider seeking a medical examination post a car accident to rule out the possibility of internal injuries.


A car accident may leave you devastated and numb, forgetting to do what is required to preserve your legal rights. Consider taking the above measures if you’re involved in a car accident to protect yourself from any financial damage.