There are a variety of ways you can improve your motorcycle. From its appearance to its performance on the road, sprucing up your ride is worth your time and money. It's only a question of choosing the right improvements to make.

Whether you are a first-timer or a veteran enthusiast, you can always customize your bike to better fit your preferences and reflect your personality. For that, here are a few ideas to help you get started on this road:

1. Change the saddle

If you think the saddle doesn't provide enough comfort, you might as well consider replacing it with something that's functional and stylish. Consider the right height and shape that suits your riding position. Moreover, choose a motorcycle saddle that's covered in durable material. Look beyond standard leather and vinyl saddles and go for exotic options such as stingray or alligator skin that allow for a premium look and feel. You just need to shop from reliable stores and keep away from black market suppliers.

2. Swap your tires

Whether you have a bobber bike or a cafe racer, you will want to pick tires that are reliable in most road conditions. Much like choosing a helmet, there are various factors to consider. You need to choose the right width, rim diameter, and load rating that fits your riding style and environment. Moreover, you will need to choose from among four different categories: dirt, dual-sport, cruiser, and street. If you are not sure which one to pick for your vehicle, you might as well purchase new tires from an OEM. 

3. Do a color swap

Would you like your bike to look more casual or sporty? Either way, a color change can give your vehicle a fresher and cleaner appearance. In most cases, you can paint over the existing coat. For the new coating, consider spray painting with quality satin, epoxy, or enamel paint. All you need to do is to pick colors that contrast well. 

4. Install accent lights

Just like car glow lights for four-wheeled vehicles, using an accent light kit can make your motorbike stand out. They work well when you are riding at night as they help make you more visible to oncoming traffic. Apart from that, accent lights add sophistication to your motorbike. The best part is that you can install these by yourself so you won't have to pay extra for labor.

5. Replace your exhaust pipe

If you want your bike to sound truly unique, look for a custom exhaust pipe that emits a distinctive sound when you turn the throttle. Make sure that the pipe follows state regulations. Look for an exhaust pipe that won’t go beyond the maximum noise level mandated by your state. Nonetheless, a quality exhaust pipe can also improve performance and fuel efficiency. Do your research first, compare different products, and pick an exhaust system that’s legal yet powerful. 

These improvements may cost a lot of time, money, and effort, but it’s a good start towards giving your ride a new life.