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408 Latin America. Peugeot returns to the high end South American car market

Aug 23, 2010

The production of the Peugeot 408 in South America has begun. This milestone corresponds to the "lifting of the confidentiality agreement" phase in which the first vehicles begin to appear on the streets.

Seduction and assurance : design and quality at the heart of 408’s specifications

It will be the 408 fleet vehicles which will be driven under "real life conditions" to complete the final stages of the testing process in order to meet the extraordinarily high quality requirements attributed to this vehicle before its commercial launch. The very accomplished design and allure of the 408 represents one of the most outstanding aspects of this car and has been central to the entire development process of the vehicle. Before its commercial launch, the South American 408 will have undergone one million kilometres of actual road test driving.

A vehicle for Latin America co-developed by the various research centres dedicated to the Group

The Latin American 408 represents a return to the high end South American three box car market, providing a new offer with the intention to expand the Peugeot range within the Latin American market.

Manufactured at the PSA Peugeot Citroën Palomar factory, in the Buenos Aires region, the Latin American 408 benefits from all the expertise found at this industrial site, which has produced 1.2 million vehicles to date.

The development of this project has been truly a global one. It is the result of a collective cooperation between the development teams in China, where the car was commercially launched last April, and with the different research and production centres within Latin America, and further contribution from the Group’s R&D centres in France...

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