Your vehicle is a money pit. Even when you have selected a model for its efficiency, keeping it performing to its best ability requires an ongoing financial commitment. Depending on which state you live in, your vehicle needs to be inspected either biannually or annually. The inspections are to make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy in terms of safety and the emissions that it creates.

While these inspections are to satisfy federal standards, they also give you an opportunity to identify any growing issues with your car before problems escalate into finance drains. If you are looking for ways to protect the value of your vehicle, read on. 

Here are four inexpensive and easy to implement ways to maintain your vehicle’s value:

1. Keep your vehicle in a garage

If you have access to a garage, use it. When your vehicle is kept in a garage, you protect it from the elements. Vehicles are subjected to the heat of summer and the cold temperatures of winter, driving rain, and bitter snowstorms. All these avoidable conditions cause stress on the vehicle’s paintwork and can exacerbate rust, not to mention any damage caused by falling debris from trees and the damaging pollen that they produce.

Use your garage for storing your vehicle.

2. Change the oil regularly

Automobile engines consist of many moving parts, and as they are used, the internal engine parts move and rub against each other. This friction causes heat, and the oil lubricates the parts and absorbs the heat. The oil allows the vehicle’s engine to work efficiently without overheating. However, over time, the oil erodes and becomes less efficient so the parts will suffer damage.

Check the manufacturer's recommendations for how often you need to change the oil.

3. Inspect your tires

The tires on your vehicle affect its performance. Tires are the only point of contact that your vehicle has with the road, and they impact the control you have the car, including how fast you can brake and accelerate. They also influence the noise levels, the comfort of the ride and your vehicle’s fuel economy. Truck rims play a vital role in keeping tires intact and can save you money from having to replace tires unnecessarily. Looking after your tires means that the engine is not laboring unnecessarily.

Regularly inspect your tires’ tread depth to ensure that your tires will be able to grip the road in emergency situations.

4. Insert a cargo liner

Whether you use your vehicle for commercial purposes or purely for domestic uses, a cargo liner protects the upholstery in your vehicle from spills, rips, and other damage. A vehicle with a spotless, scratch and stain free trunk or cargo area tells the potential purchaser that the vehicle has received a high level of care in its history.

Protect your vehicle’s trunk and cargo area with a liner.

Buying any vehicle is a big-ticket expense. You need to look after your vehicle so that its value is maintained. Stop thinking about it as simply being a mode of transport – it’s an asset, so protect your investment by following these four tips.