TARASCHI BERARDO - The rebirth of Italian excellence

We are going through a historical period of great ferment for the automotive world, new propulsion technologies have reached levels that were unthinkable until a few years ago, electronics are increasingly dominant and design has reached futuristic levels. It is therefore not easy to create a new car that is able to stand out for its unique characteristics, that is able to "leave its mark".

The 1-Off team, represented here by Fabio Del Punta and Andrea Quartieri, accepted the challenge because there is no limit to the imagination, there are spaces to explore for those who have ideas and the courage to put them into action, perhaps with a keep an eye on the past so as not to forget that in the history of the car the reference has always been Italy, both yesterday and today the made in Italy masterpieces are increasingly esteemed and appreciated in every corner of the planet.

Combining the charm and tradition of the history of the Italian car with the most modern technology was the goal of 1-Off with the aim of creating a mix of absolute value which is the basis and spirit of this new project.

Between the fifties and sixties in Italy, motoring experienced a great ferment, with many small artisan companies in which mechanical wisdom and aesthetic taste often used in art. 

Among the best a small manufacturer from Teramo emerged, Berardo Taraschi, who gave life to a series of sports and competition cars that still today know how to stand out for their style and assert themselves for their performance in historic races.

The Squadra Corse Taraschi, which still exists today to provide advice, spare parts and assistance to collectors who own the highly prized cars made by the forefather Berardo, now sees in Tazio, the son of the driver-builder, an heir seriously willing to see reborn, in key modern, the glorious brand. 

This is how and why the Taraschi of the future came to life, named Berardo in honor of the founder of the brand. In an increasingly futuristic and electrified modern context, the new Berardo is also in line with the times with the choice of a plug-in hybrid propulsion that allows significant performance even with a small displacement thermal unit, following the spirit of the historic Taraschi that excelled. in the low-powered categories.

The lines of the Berardo are the result of an accurate analysis of one of the most successful models of the Taraschi brand, the 1953 Giaur 750 Sport Champion. cutting-edge solutions. 

The strongest link with the past was the constructive choice of the Berardo bodywork and it is undoubtedly the most representative element of the car. We wanted to recreate the precious context of the years that were by choosing a completely manual processing of aluminum for each piece of the bodywork. Every aesthetic detail of the Berardo was created "by hand" with an impressive amount of skilful and precious craftsmanship carried out in the atelier of Quality Cars in Padova, one of the most famous classic car restorers in the world. This particularity distinguishes the Taraschi Berardo from all the other prestige cars on the market, so much so that it can be defined as an authentic "sculpture" on four wheels.

Inside, too, the reference to the past is deliberately strong with inserts and details in wood that derive from another strong Italian tradition, that of luthier, which alternate with top quality leather goods that supply the most renowned high fashion brands made in Italy.

Thanks to these choices, perhaps contrary to current standards, the rebirth of the Taraschi brand is set in a context of absolute exclusivity and originality.

TARASCHI BERARDO - Technical datasheet

Car Body Coupé 2+2

Propulsion Hybrid Plug-In with thermal engine 1499 cc Turbo + Electric Engine

Max Power From 420 CV, upgradable to 470 CV or 520 CV

Traction 4wd - torque prevailing on the rear axis, upgradable to +100 Nm or + 240 Nm

Gearshift 6 Gears automatic / sequential

Bodywork Total aluminium handmade, carbon air extractor

Wheels Front 245/35 ZR21 - Rear 285/30 ZR21

Brake system Self ventilated front and rear brakedisk, upgradable to BREMBO systems:

discs 380 mm with 6 bumping brake caliper or Carbon-Ceramic discs 380 mm

400 mm with 6 bumping brake caliper

Performance Acceleration 0-100 km/h = from 3"9

Max Speed = from 280 Km/h

CO2 Emission = 42 g/km

Dimensions Lenght = 4.98 mt Width = 2.04 mt Height = 1.30 mt

Wheelbase = 2.80 mt Weight = 1500 Kg