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PARIS 2014 - Citroen announces Divine DS Concept [VIDEO]

Sep 06, 2014

citroen has issued the following press release:

divine ds: capturing the essence of the ds brand

with more than 500,000 vehicles sold worldwide in four years, ds is building on its success and is now a brand in its own right. its latest creation, the concept car divine ds, is a true expression of the brand’s dna. designed and created in paris, france, it captures the very essence of ds:

- unique styling cues: a 4-door, compact vehicle (4.21m) divine ds immediately draws all eyes. spectacular, elegant and enchanting, with a subtle shimmer in its metal grey bodywork. the strong, sensual curves showcase striking graphic features such as the ‘ds wings’, the sharp sweep of the side lines and the unique roof design. a unique exterior and an exceptional interior! the original cabin features a bold, high-tech layout of spectacular contrasts, expressing the avant-garde design, refinement and sophistication of ds;

- bold design: with its exclusive ‘hypertypage’ concept, divine ds introduces a new automotive experience.

customers are invited to choose an interior trim that truly reflects their personality from a selection worthy of a haute couture fashion house. the cabin of divine ds features three interchangeable interior ambiences, each with its own original and unique personality;

- french elegance: divine ds reflects the combined expertise of several prestigious houses, such as lesage for embroidery and swarovski for crystal work. the presence of these firms, each one setting the standard in its field, demonstrates the ambition and the capacity of ds to overturn established codes and bring different worlds together, a first in the automotive industry!

- technology contributing to style: divine ds is a car of dynamic, active design, with futuristic, avant-garde headlights combining sequential indicators with laser technology, facets on the roof that open to reveal a reversing camera, and optimised aerodynamics. inside the car, the ‘cockpit’ driving position and exclusive use of digital systems (touch screen, holographic display, etc.) showcases the in-car technology.

“divine ds is an expression of our expertise. this concept car is the very essence of what ds is and what it will be. a perfect alliance between sophistication and technology. unveiled just a few weeks after the birth of the brand, divine ds perfectly expresses the unique personality of ds.” yves bonnefont, ceo, ds brand.

unique styling cues

enchanting design lines

divine ds is a compact 4-door vehicle, 4.21m long and 1.98m wide. it is a car of powerful, charismatic styling, with taut lines and a low driving position (1.35m high), sitting squarely on its 20” wheels. strong, sensual curves contrast with graphic features sculpted in chrome. divine ds features metal grey bodywork with a subtle shimmer that showcases its lines. a body style that captivates at first glance, with bold styling cues that reflect the image of ds.

the wide, powerful front end of divine ds, features the ‘ds wings’ first seen on the ds 5ls and ds 6. the front end is slightly stronger and more vertical, for a greater sense of prestige. in the centre, the radiator grille provides a stunning setting for the ds emblem. floating diamond shapes of different sizes and in varying shades of chrome create a play of light to give the radiator grille a spatial effect.

viewed from the side, the lines of divine ds form a sharp sweep. the first stroke of the designer’s pen is clearly visible. like a signature on the side of the concept car, it emerges as a circle around the rear lights to taper away naturally at the front.

underlined by a chrome strip, this line makes the whole body tauter and more dynamic. the chrome strip also cleverly conceals the door handles, for an even cleaner look. on the lower side panels is a line of finely sculpted chrome, subtly highlighting the elegant body lines and bringing to mind the interior console design.

another major styling highlight is the roof. the roof of divine ds is truly unique with a design resembling the scales of a reptile. playing on contrasts, these scales feature alternating effects: matt and satin, opaque and transparent, revealing the light inside and outside the car through changing reflections. the scale pattern extends over the rear window and can also be seen on the door mirrors. a unique and enchanting display that contrasts with the sensual, voluptuous curves of the rear end.

an avant-garde interior display

the cabin of divine ds is a spectacular display of contrasts, between the contours and relief of the driver’s cockpit and the flowing lines of the passenger seat.

on the passenger side, a single continuous drape enfolds the console and dashboard, forming a twist as it reaches the door insets. the airy-looking drape embraces the passenger, taking him/her into a world of haute couture, far removed from conventional automotive standards. an original sensorial experience.

the driver’s side is a showcase of advanced technology, crafted like a jewel. the central console, which resembles a backbone, sets out the driving functions. its white gold covering is both crystalline and majestic, contributing to the refinement and sophistication of this original interior. main features include special toggle switches decorated with made-tomeasure stones and, in the middle, a digital clock with a stone set in its surround. a black granite stone with gold speckles, echoing the design of the central console.

the rectangular steering wheel is a work of sculpture, promising new driving sensations.

the seats are a visually striking retake on the watch strap design, underlining the character and comfort of this exclusive ds signature. they are upholstered in full-grain aniline leather selected by the seton tannery for its exceptional quality and specially tanned. the slight warmth of the grey highlights the metallic touches of white gold and each ambience.

at the rear, the absence of a rear window immerses the passengers in an intimate, sophisticated cocoon.

a new automotive experience: ‘hypertypage’

ds, as an innovative brand is introducing a new concept with divine ds: ‘hypertypage’. this completely new concept extends far beyond the idea of personalisation by bringing customers a choice of interior trim worthy of a haute couture fashion house, with premium materials rarely seen in the automotive industry. based on a dashboard and door scrolls that can be changed in just 15 minutes, a choice of three interior ambiences are available. three “dress codes” that can be swapped to suit the ambience, embodying three radically different personalities:

- “mâle” is a sober, contemporary creation, alternating natural carbon fibre, used as a textile, and glazed, burnished leather. a blend of highly masculine materials for a car-centered ambience inviting the occupant to take the wheel, with a pearl stitch in red and black as a note of punctuation.

- “parisienne chic” is an invitation into a world of parisian sophistication and elegance, with materials borrowed from the world of haute couture. full grain ivory-coloured leather of exceptional quality is allied with pleated silk satin and embroidered, in the door panels, with beads and crystals. sewn by the globally recognised firm lesage, these embroideries echo the form of the ds monogramme.

- “fatale punk” creates a bolder ambience, with a darker and more glamorous touch. the dominant note is provided by deep black, padded leather studded with crystals, and clipped in subtle touches like a piercing. the door panel scrolls are covered in swarovski crystal fabric, a material that shimmers with millions of tiny cut and uncut crystals. a rock-style ambience!

‘hypertypage’ is a bold concept that gives life to divine ds. this exclusive feature underlines the ambition of ds to bring customers vehicles that fully reflect their personality.

a modern take on french elegance

more than a concept car, divine ds is a meeting of several leading companies, each illustrating expertise and excellence in their field. a first in the automotive industry. “we want the best for ds: the best partners, people who are recognised as setting the standard in their field. and we also want to be the first to explore new territories,” says thierry metroz, head of ds styling. through these cooperative projects, ds is highlighting the emphasis placed on every detail, through to the choice of materials rarely used in the automotive industry.

swarovski crystals

recognised as a standard-setter in the world of fashion and luxury, swarovski has developed a reputation of excellence with haute couture fashion houses, working with the leading names in french fashion. the magic lies to a great extent in the manufacturing secrets of swarovski crystals and in the cutting and polishing process that gives them their sophisticated sparkle.

today, the ds automotive brand is calling upon this prestigious firm. swarovski crystals adorn the exterior lines of divine ds and decorate the headlights for an alluring finish. inside the car, these legendary crystals adorn the door panels and dashboard in sophisticated touches.

lesage embroidery

as part of another cooperation project that is truly exceptional in the automotive industry, ds is working with maison lesage, france’s most prestigious embroidery house. founded in 1860, lesage works with the leading fashion designers.

embroidery is an art form that is continuing to develop today. demanding meticulous handwork, it draws upon precious materials such as silk, beads and crystals.

the art of embroidery comes into its own in divine ds with the “parisienne chic” hypertypage, enhancing the cabin materials and giving new emphasis to the ds monogramme.

these exceptional cooperation projects demonstrate once again how ds overturns established codes and brings different worlds together. they show that ds is credible as an expression of french-style luxury.

technology contributing to style

a lively body style

technology brings the body style of divine ds to life, starting with the futuristic, avant-garde headlights.

the light signature at the front was inspired by the ds 3. it maintains the principle of independent led modules designed to resemble diamonds in their setting. with swarovski crystal fabric at the base to bring the light to life, these headlights combine sequential indicators with laser technology. the laser headlights of divine ds comprise two high-powered laser diodes per module. these diodes are 50% more powerful than conventional led lights in terms of their lighting intensity.

the laser function works with the led headlights from speeds of 60 kph. the light beam is conducted to the headlight through optical fibre for instant, precise adjustment. further, the laser diodes are located in the engine compartment, so they are protected in the event of impact or if the headlight lens shatters. laser lighting is an efficient technology since its durability is equivalent to that of the vehicle itself. also, these laser lights do not dazzle other road users, since cameras are used to identify other vehicles and automatically adjust the lighting.

at the rear, the full led lights feature retracting scales that play with the light and bring them to life. these scales light up at night or on braking creating a magical, hypnotic effect, completed by the sequential indicators.

the rear window is equipped with opening facets that optimise the aerodynamic performance of divine ds. one of these facets includes a camera for onboard rearview vision. here again, technology is contributing to style with this reptilian display.

the 20’’ wheels feature an innovative design in which the floating spokes are disconnected from the hubs. a technological feat that gives the wheels an airy look, suggesting the aerodynamic performance of divine ds.

a high-tech ‘cockpit’

the cabin of divine ds showcases its in-car technologies with a ‘cockpit’ driving position featuring an array of digital functions. these technologies contribute to driving as well as to interior design, since they enhance the interior sophistication of divine ds.

first, the controls of divine ds are grouped on an hd touch drive interface that is a spectacular 10.4 inches in size.

located on the overhead console, this multifunction screen frees up space on the dashboard and includes a function that replaces the central rearview mirror.

driver information is in digital form, with a head-up display above the wheel showing essential driving information. this panel is completed by a holographic display behind the steering wheel. a 3d readout that lets the driver view navigation information, for example, without taking his/her eyes off the road.

an engine combining efficiency with advanced performance

divine ds is equipped with the turbocharged direct-injection 1.6 thp petrol engine developing 270 bhp. a perfect fit with its dynamic character. with maximum output of 199 kw at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 330 nm between 1,900 rpm and 5,500 rpm, this is an engine of outstanding performance.

meeting high standards in performance does not mean turning a blind eye to environmental concerns. this engine is compliant with euro6 standards and emits just 145g/km de co2.

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