Vygor has issued the following press release:

Vygor Opera - born a new type of car - the RUV (Racing Utility Vehicle)

Vygor Opera presented the world premiere to the press on December 5th at the Bologna Motor Show. The new car of the young artisan Italian automaker has unique features, for the first time a sporting dresses gown of an SUV and gives rise to a new category of car, the Ruv - Racing Utility Vehicle Vygor Opera is a car crafted in the purest spirit of Made in Italy, has a composite frame, a car designed for a sporty suspension with double wishbones and special shock absorbers that guarantee a great feeling on any terrain The permanent 4wd as with a petrol engine of 2 liter turbo with variable power from 300 to 400 hp ensure top performance and a great driving pleasure The interiors are handmade in genuine leather and Alcantara with four comfortable seats setting racing.

Vygor Opera is a car that is made to measure, the customer has the opportunity to personalize their cars. The exclusivity is not limited to the combination of different body colors and interior, the client can draw Vygor its interior and choose your own accessories, can choose between a sports chassis or confortab, you can also choose a different internal combustion engine or a electric propulsion.

Vygor project

Vygor born 3 years ago from a group of car enthusiasts who with great courage has tried to write a new, small but significant page in the history of the car Made in Italy. Among the increasing number of car models that are launched each month on market, both large and small factory, no one had yet thought of a SUV with characteristics of ultra sports. Vygor creature had to be something new, a car high from the ground with the line of a a pure coupe 3 volumes so original to create a new category, the RUV (Racing Utility Vehicle), certain to be the the first of a series of models of this kind of.


Names are important and that is what accompanies an object or a person on lifetime; Vygor chose the name Opera for its creation. Opera is the emblem of the Made in Italy because it is a word that has no translations into other languages. The great work of teams in the creation of Opera was like that of an orchestra, each single component of the development team and production had to "play" their part to give birth to the first car RUV in the world.


Vygor has undertaken undoubtedly the road more difficult but at the same time the most exciting and interesting. It was no certainly easier to take a chassis already existing and modify it by changing the lines of the body, but this would be an extreme tuning and not the realization of a new car. Vygor decided instead to produce from scratch a new chassis of modular tubes, so it can be adapted under construction to specific driving sensations that will try the possessor of an Opera. The suspension with double triangle with dedicated shock absorber permits further adjustments and adaptations to the driving style of the owner of Opera. 4-wheel drive and a power of 350/400 hp provide outstanding performance on each type of surface.


Vygor wants to bring personalization tailored to the highest level in the world car, producing only unique pieces abandoning any notion of mass production, each piece will unique because made entirely by hand on specifications given by the purchaser. Each Opera can be customized not only exterior and interior colors, or on materials of the bodywork and cockpit. Vygor goes further and allows the customer to designing the interior of the car or to choose an alternative to the 4-cylinder engine 2-liter turbo engine mounted on our launch model.


Vygor has realizate their project without the help of banks, public funding or wealthy tycoons, however many companies, both the automotive sector that does not have supported technically the realization of Opera. Major contribution is for Mg Group of Prato who realized the all-new line of bodywork and assembled leather interior and Alcantara. DGA of Campi Bisenzio (FI) has made exclusive Vygor full-LED headlights, the El.En. with its laser made us "taste" the potential of their own technology. These he names in the automotive industry: Yokohama is the official automotive supplier tire, Mak is the supplier company of wheels, Oram has made specific shock absorbers for Opera, Ragazzon has built a dedicated exhaust and Bardahl provided all lubricants. For the interiors Sparco is the worldwide seat while Pioneer deals stereo system and infotainment. Skilled craftsmen as Elettromusicar (Prato) for electrical system and Terrosi of Viareggio (LU) for the mechanical part, Sbn (Prato) for attitude contributed so fundamental to the development of project. Without forgetting Directo (Lucca) that for three years by the site Internet and communication.