A Turin-based UP Design is teasing a new concept car. You may remember this small Italian studio by their first model – the sculpturesque Vittoria sportscoupe presented a couple of years ago. Now Umberto Palermo is making a world premiere of a new model – the Lucrezia four-seat luxury sports sedan.

It will be next Wednesday – 25th of June – when the car will be uncovered at Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile “Avv. Giovanni Agnelli” in Turin. This is will be a hexagon-inspired vision powered by a 4.2-liter turbo V8 engine capable of 510hp. The car is said to show elegance and sportiness in motion thanks to flowing exterior lines and aeronautics-inspired interior. The car will get Pirelli NEROgt 295/22ZR22 tyres and is aimed for a small series production.

Furthermore, Umberto Palermo will use his chance to unveil not only Lucrezia, but he will also present a new project for and innovative sports car called Mole which will be presented at Milan Motor Show this autumn.