A specialty car niche of lightweight track-oriented roadcars is on the wave now. With recent launches of new models like Mexican VjHL 05, Canadian Magnum MK5 or a British Zenos E10 this section appears to be the most promising one. A newcomer to join the range is named RP-1 and now it is being developed by a newly established company – Elemental Cars – based in Surrey, UK.

This is set to be a track-focused road-worthy sportscar envisioned by John Begley – a skillful engineer having past experience in the development of the racing cars and supercars – McLaren F1, 12C and even P1 being in his portfolio. Mr Begley’s small team of professionals has a clear concept. As they say, they aim to create a “lightweight, two-seater, track car with exceptional performance and easily adjustable dynamics”.  Using the lightweight composite material technology the Elemental designers have saved an incredible amount of weight. The RP-1 will have the lowest weight of just 450kg! The team has mentioned that a tuned 2.0l Ecoboost Ford engine will drive the wheels of their car. Furthermore, they claim that the car will get a wide range of possible power options and bravely states that the model will have a power-to-weight ratio of 500bhp/tone. In addition to that, Elemental’s car will get a fully-adjustable suspension to ensure perfect driving experience both on the track and on the road.

An interesting feature of the RP-1 is or course the feet up seating position. The feet position was raised by 11 cm in order to provide place for a front diffuser and to keep the seating position as low as possible. This racing cars-derived technical decision is said to be the key factor to ensure great aerodynamics resulting in a 200kg downforce at 100 mph.

At the given moment the company is putting finish touches for the RP-1 as the car is confirmed for a world premiere at Goodwood Festival of Speed starting 26th of June. Be sure to check this section since additional information and photographs of the Elemental RP-1 will be published before the event.