Weber Sportscars is a very low volume Swiss manufacturer which emerged in 2007. Established in 2002 by Roman Weber, this small company has been developing its first model ever since. The prototype of a bravely named F1 Faster One was brought to the supercar venue – Monaco and took its world premiere at the 4th Top Marques show. The weirdly styled coupe coming from from Tobel in the Swiss canton Thurgau was nothing but a head-turner. Twin-coloured red-silver 1:1 scale model was the first step that the company made into the area of top-class automobiles well dominated by known names and brands.

This super powerful ugly duckling – the F1 FasterOne - was then developed further and the first fully functional production version appeared already in 2008. On the first hand, aerodynamic research resulted in those strange proportions and dimensions that are not to everyone’s taste. On the other hand, this Swiss supercar was powered by a mid-mounted twin-supercharged 7-liter V8 engine developing 900hp at 7000 rpm and 1050 Nm at 3900 rpm. The power aggregate, actually, was a completely reworked LS7 of which only the cylinder block and the basic design using one central camshaft and rockers for valve activation remained. It was mated to a semi-automatic sequential six-speed gearbox which was operated via shift paddles on the steering wheel. Notably, the F1 Faster One featured all-wheel drive system. The state-of-the-art drive system with electronically controlled differentials made it possible to distribute power between front and rear wheels according to driving conditions. Moreover, thanks to its super lightweight and super strong carbon fiber bodywork this machine weighed only 1100 kg.

The duo of enormous power and minimum weight always means incredible specifications. The F1 was not an exception. The Swiss model had an estimated top speed of more than 400 km/h, acceleration from 0-100km/h in a mere 2.5 seconds and 0-300 km/h in 16.2 seconds. These are truly amazing specifications for a highly limited supercar from a little known manufacturer.

Even more intriguing fact is that costing incredible 1.620.000 Swiss Francs (approx. 1.700.00 USD/1.300.000 euro if we take today’s conversion) the F1 Faster One found several highly wealthy customers in Russia.

Five years have passed since then and now Weber Sportscars reminds about themselves with an introduction of the second version of the F1 Faster One as well as a completely redesigned logo. Described as “world’s fastest street-legal four wheel drive supersports car” the second version features much more rounded bodywork than its predecessor. Sharing several design cues of the first model, the 2013 version has a completely redesigned front end and absolutely different front lights. The new design was done by Richard Amiel from New York. However, that’s not all.

The new Weber F1 now gets a 5.6-liter twin-turbo V10 engine producing 1200hp. It is built around the carbon-fiber monocoque and carbon chassis. Keeping the weight (of an empty car) as low as 1250 kg the Swiss team has achieved a threatening goal which not even every racing car maker can offer - a power-to-weight ratio is just 1.04 kg/hp (0.96 hp/kg). Breathtaking…

… Anyhow, the company has a vision to go even further. Weber Sportscars has already produced some KERS components and is looking forward to offer the most powerful hybrid supercar in the world. The power of it would exceed 1600hp. We’ll believe it when we see it.

While the price tag for the new F1 Faster One is “on request” it is sure that it will be in a zone of 7 figures which will make it extremely expensive, exclusive and rare piece of machinery. It will probably find its place again in the ownership of some Russian aficionados, but the company is looking for customers in Middle East, as well.

The premiere of the first production 2013 F1 Faster One model is scheduled for April, so stay tuned!

SOURCE: Weber Sportscars