From Mitsubishi's official press release:


 The MITSUBISHI Concept CA-MiEV gives an indication of the direction MMC believes EVs will take in the near future. MMC launched the i-MiEV, the world's first mass produced electric vehicle in 2009.

 MITSUBISHI Concept CA-MiEV's supple and vigorous exterior styling draws from the image of an athlete blazing with energy and racing toward the future, expressing the advanced next-generation EV technologies inside it. The design of the headlamps and rear combination lamps is based on the motif of cut diamonds, creating a deep and sophisticated presence. The facet cut treatment of the wheel spokes, spreading outward from the center of the wheels, makes the wheels sparkle as they turn and emphasize the aesthetic beauty of the vehicle.

The high-efficiency EV system brings together lightweight EV components in an integrated motor, inverter, and charger module that reduces power losses. It also incorporates a full-time regenerative braking system that improves energy recovery rate, as well as a magnetic resonance wireless charging device that enables convenient charging. The system is fitted with a 28kWh high capacity battery. The vehicle combines exhaustive reduction in body weight with improvements in aerodynamic performance, bringing about a cruising range of 300km.

 Convenience for the user has also been enhanced. The remote-controlled air-conditioning system and management system for charging and discharging can be linked to smartphones or tablet devices. The vehicle is also equipped with a remote tracking function that captures the vehicle's position using GPS if the vehicle is stolen, and MMC's ECO-drive Assist which helps the vehicle to adapt to the driving environment. The MITSUBISHI Concept CA-MiEV provides a safe and secure electric driving experience, featuring the ACC and FCM advanced preventative safety technologies.

Length (mm)


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Battery capacity


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Drive system

2WD (front-wheel drive)

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3. MITSUBISHI Concept G4

The MITSUBISHI Concept G4 is a vision for a new compact sedan which MMC plans to roll out globally. The MITSUBISHI Concept G4 uses a high-clarity brilliant-cut diamond motif in the design of the front grille, headlamps and rear combination lamps to create a frontal visage with a commanding presence and a tail end which leaves a sharp impression as it drives off into the distance.

 The MITSUBISHI Concept G4 carries next-generation compact sedan styling featuring

- a short nose which delivers an outstanding forward field of view and superior maneuverability,

- graceful and flowing side proportions which balances interior space among the most generous in its class with very sleek aerodynamics, and

- a dynamic character line which kicks up towards the rear.

The MITSUBISHI Concept G4 achieves fuel efficiency that is among the best in its class as its RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body - the lightest in its class due to the extensive use of high-tensile steel - is powered by a lightweight and compact 1.2-liter MIVEC engine mated to a CVT with sub-geartrain in addition to uncompromising weight reduction throughout.

The MITSUBISHI Concept G4 delivers driving pleasure thanks to the agile and pleasing driving dynamics stemming from its lighter weight as well as its reassuring handling/stability and comfortable ride. Passenger comfort is enhanced by the high hip point and large door openings which facilitate entry and exit as well as by its generous rear seat leg space.