TranStar Racing is an American company with a very straightforward objectives. This team already announced plans and goals to build the most powerful and the fastest supercar in the world – the Dagger GT – approximately two years ago. The proposed automobile of its own category was intended to be a 2000hp, 300 mph rocket capable of achieving those ultimate barriers of power and speed, thus breaking world records of performance.

Two years have passed since then and the development of the anticipated badass newcomer is still in progress. However, the California-based team now has a more direct information of what is coming up next. The previously announced Dagger GT will be build in different versions. Actually, five options will be offered for the customers – the street legal GT-S (Sport) model with 600-800hp engine, GT-SS (Super Sport model) with the power of up to 2000hp and the GT-X – the Luxury version – while the GT-R (Race) 2000hp, GT-LS (Land Speed) and GT-D (Drag) 2700 hp models will not be for public roads.

The power aggregate to drive the American hypermobile will be a custom-built Nelson Racing Engines aluminum 632 (10.35-liter) twin-turbo V8 multi-fuel engine capable of developing optionally 836 / 1000 / 1300hp or even 2000-2700 hp on racing fuel (for a not street legal option). However, a 427cc (7-liter) motor will also be available. Naturally, for the top specification model, the TransTar Racing has staggering performance goals to achieve. Currently listed are more than 10 power, speed, acceleration, slalom, braking and racing targets. Anyhow, the most mind-blowing estimated characteristics include top speed of 315 mph (500 km/h), 0-60 mph in less than 1 second, quarter mile speed of 260 mph (418 km/h). Furthermore, it must me mentioned that the these figures are calculated for the Dagger GT-D model which will be a non street-legal Pro Mod Outlaw alcohol dragster.

Initially, the company had plans to build 5 units of production car in 2011 and 10 examples in 2012. However, the things were not that simple and easy going for a small but ambitious startup like TranStar Racing thus the current plans of the company is to have the first streetable example of the Dagger GT ready for the first half of 2013. The target price tag for this ultra-performance supercar will be under $800k which would make it a top contender or even an autocratic leader. Also, the company claims they have plans to build less than 100 units a year. Considering the capabilities of this beast, exclusivity kept in mind and price, the total production numbers will be probably substantially less than that.

No matter how, the truth is that the Americans of TranStar Racing team will not give up until their goals are achieved. This means that a new street king which will bring the USA back to the map is coming. Sooner or later, the time will  show. We are still waiting.

PICTURES: TranStar Racing