Among innovative concept cars at Paris Motor Show this year is the Segula Hagora automobile. Developed by French company, this interesting future three-seater coupe car is powered by a 600 cc two-stroke 115 hp Rotrax engine made by BRP coupled with a 102hp (maximum power) electric engine. The power unit is mated with a continuous variable transmission (CVT). This technical decision resulted in a clutch-less powertrain.

The Hagora is a resources-friendly vision. The company claims it uses less than 3 liters of fuel for 100 km. Also due its small dimensions and use of modern recyclable materials, the car is indeed light. Total weight is only 870 kg.

Among state-of-the-art technical devices is an energy efficient air conditioning / heating system and inter-organ wireless communication system which enables reduction of the vehicle’s weight thanks to the possibility to remove the electrical harnesses. Information and communication between a tablet or a smartphone and the vehicle is transmitted wirelessly.

So far, the company does not provide detailed specifications or estimated driving range for the Hagora. It says the mobilization of the previewed project will take three more years, but the technologies they propose today are good for emerging markets.

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For the opening of the Paris Motor Show, SEGULA Technologies reveals a concept car with an ultra-communicating hybrid two-stroke engine.

With HAGORA, engineering group demonstrates its technological know-how and dares a new approach by offering a hybrid power train, a group of efficient air-conditioning and an inter-organ wireless communication system.

Nanterre, September 27th 2012. SEGULA Technologies now presents HAGORA on its stand at the Paris Motor Show (Pavilion 3/Aisle B/Stand 216). HAGORA is a « cross-over », compact, intelligent, communicating and recyclable vehicle. Fully developed by the engineers of SEGULA Technologies’ R&D center, this concept-car offers ten technological innovations directly linked to the strategic development of automakers. Thus they will be able to integrate eco-efficient technologies of HAGORA and equip tomorrow's vehicles.

Two-stroke hybrid/electric power train.

HAGORA combines for the first time an electric motor 100 hp with a 2-stroke engine with direct injection 120 hp and a driven Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The lack of clutch on the power train is made possible by the use of a Rotax 2-stroke engine (from BRP-Powertrain GmbH & Co KG) and its low resistance to motion when driven by the electric motor, in urban mode. Moreover, this association limits the mass of the hybrid power train to that of a traditional gasoline engine.

Energy-efficient heating/air conditioning unit.

The thermal efficiency of the car's interior is provided by the combination of an auto-obscuring panoramic roof and a heating/air conditioning unit with Peltier device developed by SEGULA Technologies. By amplifying the hot and cold effects, it allows to use a smaller and less consumer electric air conditioning compressor and to save the energy autonomy of the vehicle.

Inter-organ wireless communication system.

The intra-vehicle interconnectivity developed for HAGORA uses the MiWi protocol. It reduces the weight of the vehicle by removing the electrical harnesses while providing communication between a touch control tablet –or the car driver Smartphone- and the vehicle: reporting information about the car condition and maintenance reminders, but also synchronization between the Smartphone and the GPS or audio system, adjusting the driving position, control of the air conditioning …

The vehicle also communicates wirelessly with other vehicles and its environment.

The Smartphone/vehicle communication interface has also been developed by SEGULA Technologies’ engineers.

A lighter, optimized and recyclable vehicle.

HAGORA is compact but can comfortably accommodate a driver and two passengers and does not exceed 1.80 m long, 1.25 high and 1.80 wide. The use of composite materials for many elements -such as the chassis or the suspension- allows to lighten the vehicle by grouping in a same part (e.g.: the floor) some structural functions, the interior trim and the soundproofing. The materials are selected from the design to meet the requirements of recycling (85%) and recovery (95%).

« HAGORA project will mobilize over three years teams of engineers, technicians and doctor providing the best expertise of each department of SEGULA Technologies’ group », says Jean-Bernard Faivre, President of SEGULA Technologies’ Automotive & Industrial Vehicles Department. « Its preview at the 2012 Paris Motor Show opens up new perspectives for SEGULA Technologies and manufacturers who work with us. As an example, let’s consider the hybrid power train: its simplicity, low cost and compactness are ideal to target new markets, especially the emerging countries in Asia, South America and the Middle East. » he adds.

This concept-car has been developed with prestigious technical partners: BRP-Powertrain for the Rotax 2 stroke engine and Xtrac for the transmission system.