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23/02/2011 1433

Johnson Controls - Vios

In the year 1999, the Vios with its flexible, custom-made concept for the small segment car was introduced at the Frankfurt motor show (IAA). The Vios interior was so flexible that it could be customised to meet the needs and wishes of various customer groups. Whether a man's car, a woman's car, a family van or a car for elderly couples, Vios offered individual solutions and intelligent functions to meet every demand. Before, new products have been usually developed for top of the range vehicles and only integrated in smaller vehicles during the course of the production cycle. In contrast, Vios contained product innovations and features which have been designed specifically with the small car market in mind.

The most revolutionary element in the interior of the concept car was the completely redefined instrument panel. All command and control functions were integrated in an exposed center stack and are therefore also easier for the front seat passenger to access. All options corresponded with DIN (German Industrial Norm) measurements, enabling the center stack, as the central element of the instrument panel, to be adjusted to individual requirements.

source: Johnson Controls


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