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09/10/2012 1988

Studio X-Gene - X-Coupe

X-Gene is a Taiwan-founded company which since 2002 has had a fully functional design office in Shanghai. This year is the first time they showed a full size hard model of a coupé concept car. The emphasis here is on style and design, on creating language made in Asia with a deep understanding of the aesthetic values mysteriously embedded in Chinese culture. While these aspects may not be evident to Western eyes and hearts, it is an area where X-Gene can draw on local knowledge, and Ms. Riviera Cheng, the company's director, speaks about this essential difference with passion.

The X-Coupé is a symbol of this understanding, with no hard corners, a united sweep of surfaces that run from front to back without any unnecessary interruptions. Elegant, strong, and simple are key words that she evokes when speaking of the tuning of proportions of this hatchback-styled coupé. By using some of Taiwan's car culture as a building block for creating unique and pure design solutions X-Gene appear to have a winning formula. 

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Length: 4688 mm

Width: 1876 mm

Height: 1398 mm

Wheelbase: 2700 mm

Tires: 245/40 R19


2005  Shanghai



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Provided by Studio X-Gene 

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