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23/01/2011 2600

Honda - J-WJ

Original name: ホンダJ-WJ

Expanding performance while making life more fun in new ways. New 'Wild and joyful' wagon.

Introducing the Honda J-WJ, a wagon that melds futuristic styling with the capabilities of a performance-oriented cross-country vehicle. The J-WJ looks equally great in the town or the country. It creates its own category of 'High Rider' lightweight cross-country vehicle.

The J-WJ is perfect for anyone who thinks that serious 4WD machines are a little bit more than what's needed. Honda's unique realtime 4WD with Dual Pump System (DPS) and large diameter tires provide the kind of performance that handles rough-road conditions with ease.

In addition, adequate ground clearance and good visibility also prove advantageous. The J-WJ differs from conventional cross-country vehicles, however, in the super smooth driving performance it offers. Lightweight and compact, with continuously variable Honda Multi-Matic transmission, the J-WJ offers stress-free driving and a refreshing breeze through the fully opened soft-top roof.

In addition, the J-WJ offers something entirely new for cross-country vehicles: a futuristic look that is appropriate in any setting. Exterior styling, especially the area around the projector type headlamps, speaks of city-bred refinement. In the interior as well, the J-WJ frees itself from the conventional perception of cross-country vehicles. The J-WJ is definitely a leading edge car in its category.

Main Features

  • Dual SRS airbag system
  • ABS anti-lock brake system
  • Multi-purpose center panel (including navigation system)
  • Projector-type headlights
  • Full-open soft-top
  • Side-opening rear tailgate with built-in spare tire holder

Main Specifications

  • Length / Width / Height : 3,950mm /1,780mm /1,775mm
  • Wheelbase : 2,360mm
  • Engine : 1.5-liter VTEC
  • Continuously variable Honda Multi-Matic transmission
  • Realtime 4WD with Dual Pump System (DPS)

source: Honda


1997  Tokyo

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