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Repco - 1


Repco-1 has a long and winding history, similar to the roads it was designed for.

The originally un-named car (later dubbed "The Repco Record") was designed and built by Charlie Dean (maker of the Maybach, Grand Prix winner in 1955) and Tom Molnar.

The car was originally unveiled in April, 1959 at the Silver Jubilee International Motor Show in Melbourne after four years of careful planning and hand-manufacturing.

With top speeds of 120 m.p.h. (approx 200 k/ph), it attracted a lot of attention and while gaining a lot of attention, Repco had never planned on putting it into full-scale production. To the Repco Research team, it was a "test" car.

It is the only vehicle of its type ever produced!

Repco-1 has a long history in the limelight, including appearances in numerous newspaper reviews, car magazines, a big-screen movie and multiple car shows.

She was originally touted to a jealous public by the press and car magazines as "The car you will never drive!" and is a singular rarity.

It appeared in big-screen movie "On the Beach" with Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner & Fred Astaire and has showpieced at quite a few local and international car shows since. It is truly a feat of engineering brilliance.

Repco-1 received stunning reviews for performance and handling, with the excellent manufacturing skills of the Repco Research team to back this claim.

It recently appeared at the 2005 Grand Prix and is open to expressions of interest via [email protected]

If you would seriously like to own a true automotive icon and piece of Australian engineering history, feel free to emai. Serious offers only please!



Engine:      Holden 6 - 2.3 litre capacity, Repco High-powered OHV semi-hemispherical cylinder head, 2 Weber downdraught carburettors. Maximum power 99 kW (133bhp) at 5500 rpm. Compression ratio: 8 to 1 Torque: 141 lbs/ft @ 4000 RPM
Chassis:     Integral construction with tubular backbone.
Rear axle:     E.N.V. Spiral Bevel. Ratio: 3.66/1
Gearbox:     David Brown 4 spd manual synchro mesh. Ratios: 1.00, 1.33, 1.98, 2.92
Suspension:     Front: Wishbones, coil springs. Rear: Live axle, quarter elliptic leaf springs.
Brakes:     Hydraulic Drum, front and rear w/ P.B.R. Booster
Steering:     Recirculating ball.
Tyres:     6.40-13
Fuel Capacity:     42 litres (9.5 gal)
Height:     1320 mm (52 in)
Length:     3810 mm (150 in)
Weight:     1018 kg (2240 lbs)
Wheel Base:     2286 mm (90 in)
Max. Speed:     120 m.p.h. (1st gear: 48 m.p.h., 2nd gear: 66 m.p.h., 3rd gear: 98 m.p.h., 4th gear: 120 m.p.h.)

0-30 m.p.h. in 3.15 secs.
0-40 m.p.h. in 5.0 secs.
0-50 m.p.h. in 7.5 secs.
0-60 m.p.h. in 10.5 secs.
0-70 m.p.h. in 11.8 secs.
0-100 m.p.h. in 21.2 secs.

Standing quarter mile: 17.2 secs.
(speed at end of quarter mile, 83 m.p.h.)

Consumption:     20.4 m.p.g.



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