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The index of soviet self-built cars is what makes AllCarIndex a truly unique place for all car enthusiasts. If you're looking for a place to find the most obscure cars, then your searches are over. Collected and described with the best accuracy available, this index provides the information about the cars that are considered to be least known by automotive anoraks. We are sure that AllCarIndex is the only place where you can discover more than 300 unknown automobiles of the Soviet and post-Soviet era. Please note that there are lots of self-made automobiles for which the names are unknown. All such vehicles can be found by clicking "U" letter in the alphabet. For each car, the name(s) of the builder(s), the type of the engine and donors for other parts, if known, are given. Please note, that the years of completion for each car are approximate. The maximum error can be -7 or -10 years.

If you own a self-built car or know anyone who has built a car for himself/herself or simply have any information information about the cars you have/haven't found here, please let us know.

Much thanks to Alexander and Alexey who have helped to prepare this index.