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Short introduction to production cars

The index of production makes is the largest index of our website. It concentrates on defunct production cars of all times and all countries. You can even find manufacturers that existed only at the end of the 1890s and also some of those that are still active today. Feel free to discover automobiles from 6 continents and nearly 60 countries. For each maker you can find their production years and places as well as one or several pictures, if available. Descriptions of some manufacturers may follow later. If you have information about obscure manufacturers that you haven't found here yet or have some pictures of them, please don't hesitate to contribute with us.

Our team is greatly thankful for a priceless help of our contributors: Francesco, Alexander, João Gois, José Geraldo, Sergei, Alexey, Alessandro, Christian and others. A special thanks go to the members of www.autopuzzles.com forum.