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03/04/2011 3737

Crowther Toiler (1970 - 1975)

Here's a bit of info for you. 8 of these were made as complete cars. They were made in the early sixty's. They had Daff running gear, that was the rubber belt veriomatic cone gearbox, I believe they had the Daff engine as well. I think about 1000 or 1300cc. They were called the Crowther Toiler. This was the name Rolly Crowther (the Creator, and famuos speed way driver) gave this car. We have just painted one of these car and it is going into the Muesum in Henderson, the one with Merve Smit railway. Sorry can,t think of the name. Of interest he build two cars. The other was a 2 door coupe, much nicer looking. This to had the same transmission, except that the engine was mounted in the rear. It was first designed using the wankel rotary engine although later Roly had struck a deal to fit the 1300cc Subaru engines. Only one of these was made. It was made with a fibre glass shell and steel inners. These cars were designed to be 70-80% local content, as cars were hard to buy new. 


Production info

(1977 - 1978); New Zealand


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