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23/02/2017 875

TOP MARQUES 2017 - World Premiere of mystery Calafiore C10 confirmed!

It's less than 60 days until the luxury car show Top Marques in Monaco opens its doors. It is always exciting and always intriguing which new top models of well established and new companies will be presented here.

This year among confirmed world premieres is a mystery automobile called C10. It is the first hypercar by new Italian company Calafiore Automobili. So far, the car itself is still top secret, however what we know already that it will be very limited custom made hyper automobile powered by a 1000hp engine.  Also, the car will use a wide range of modern and lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium, titanium, aerospace aluminum and even gold!

The car is in development since 2010 and the final result will be unveiled in Monaco on the 20th of April!


Press release:

Born in Italy after seven long years of bold development by a young and visionary mind, the Hypercar is still shrouded in mystery. The "goddess",  known to the media as C10, is named after a star goddess being unveiled at its world debut at the Top Marques exhibition.
The wide use of carbon fiber, magnesium and titanium alloys, aerospace aluminium and gold have allowed this Hypercar to boast a devastating power-to-weight ratio able to give a hard time even to the most experienced driver.

Its advanced next-generation active aerodynamics allows balancing an astonishing lightness with a very low centre of gravity and an extraordinary power of 1000 hp.

This Hypercar just brings passion and Italian art together, and when dreams meet reality, the result is pure magic.
The Italian Hypercar is ready to go on stage for the first time. It is exclusively produced in a limited series, and it is the result of the combination of supersonic jets and the cars of Le Mans 24 Hours race. Has created an innovative ergonomics able to deliver a real racer’s driving experience.

Evolution is beauty and sensuality, evolution has curves and four wheels, evolution is Hypercar, no longer a dream but a reality yet to be revealed!

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