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24/07/2011 1013

Spada Codatronca Monza - HD gallery [VIDEO]


After the last track tests to find the right set-up of May and June, Spada Codatronca Monza is ready to show herself to press

11 July 2011 – The one off designed by Paolo, Ercole Spada and Domiziano Boschi of Spadaconcept, and built by Spadavetturesport was requested by Aznom, a well known company of Monza specialized in the world of luxury and corporate partner of Spadavetturesport.

Aznom (that realized the interior design of the car) wanted a special car dedicated to the Monza circuit for show it in all the luxury events and to strengthen the connection between the world of car design and luxury.

The one off Codatronca Monza is based on the line of the 2008 Codatronca coupe but has much more extreme characteristics: its design and racing interiors bring back to memory the spyders of the �60. A extreme car as extreme and technical are the Carbon business collection products of Aznom for sportcar lovers.

Aznom chose Monza for its strong attachment with the city that houses its historic venue and the famous track Autodromo Nazionale Monza, recently main stage of the Cars 2 presentation. In that occasion Codatronca was chosen as VipCar for its uniqueness.

Codatronca Monza will be only a one off, but Spadaconcept will produce a spyder (barchetta) version of the Codatronca on demand.

Codatronca Monza has a tubular chassis made of aluminium that was coated with a light carbon fiber and composite materials body. The engine was developed by Italtecnica starting from a V8 7 liter engine hardly modified. Now we can find 2 rotrex centrifugal superchargers that deliver the incredible power of 720 CV with over 90 kgm of torque. The car is able to reach the 100 km/h speed in only 3 seconds (in first gear) thanks to the 6 speed transmission with a very short gear ratio, and to reach the impressive top speed of 335 km/h.

The weight of the car is only of 1.180 kg, thanks to the racing interiors requested by Aznom with Sabelt seat and belts, and the Aim steering wheel that integrates the instrumentations with data acquisition (can, GPS). The on board camera Aim Smartycam records HD videos with the overlay of the telemetry and data captured by the steering wheel.

The technical package is completed with the performance Pirelli PZero Corsa mounted on lightweight Oz Ultra-leggera wheels, and Brembo brakes, used for the cars of the FIA GT3 racing with abs and a fully adjustable suspension system always derived from FIA GT3.

The Monza Codatronca will inspire a new stock model for street use for all the spyder lovers.


Spada Codatronca© Monza

Type : front central engine, RWD 2-doors barchetta

Chassis : aluminium tubular chassis


Aluminium basement V8 with titanium valves

Type: 7.0 V-8 with 2 Rotrex C38 Italtecnica and two intercoolers.

Displacement (cm³) 7.011

Compression ratio(:1) 11.5

Horsepower @ rpm: 720 @ 6200

Torque (Nm @ rpm): 950 @ 4200

Injection: SFI (sequential fuel injection)

Valves: OHV, 2valvole per cilindro


6-speed manual (short ratio)


Weight (kg) 1.180

Wheelbase (mm) 2.686

Axle track Front/Rear (mm) 1.607/1.580

Length (mm) 4.759

Width(mm) 1.942

Height(mm) 1.130


Speed dependent servo-assisted steering

High Performance Brembo brakes with ABS, 380mm front and 355mm rear,

Brembo 8-pistons caliper (front) and 4 pistons caliper (rear)


Front 285/35-19”

Rear 345/35-19”


Top Speed (km/h) 335

0-100 km/h (s) 3.0

SOURCE: Spada / Aznom