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19/12/2017 582

Rinspeed's Snap Autonomous Concept Car

When it comes to creating incredible concept cars, there are few companies as great as Rinspeed. Since 1991, the Swiss company has been unveiling concepts at the Geneva Motor Show. These concepts show the potential for cars to be safe for both driver and the environment, while providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The Snap from Rinspeed is their latest offering. Here are some of the key innovations.

Two Section Splitting

This is the main unique selling point of the Snap. There are two compartments: a skateboard shaped chassis containing the engine and the passenger pod, which sits on top and can be quickly detached. This pod, once a part of the vehicle, can now be used for any number of activities. It can be a place to rest with friends, a shop or camping accommodation.

While each passenger will have a pod personalized to their needs, the skateboard can drop off one pod and pick up another one. This means that everyone can get where they need to be, without adding more vehicles to the road. With traffic getting worse each year, reducing congestion should be a top priority for car manufacturers.

Level Five Autonomous Driving

So-called self-driving cars actually have different levels of automation from one to five. At the lower levels, humans are still there to monitor driving conditions and take over if necessary. At level five, however, there is no possibility of a human driver. The Snap would be in control of all aspects of driving, at all times. Passengers simply need to get in and enjoy the ride. Most self-driving cars still require some human input because indepth vehicle appraisal guides place an unaffordable valuation on level five autonomous cars.

Urban Farming

Perhaps the most exotic feature of the Snap is its inclusion of indoor farming. Glass containers will allow for strawberries and mint to grow within the pods, purportedly so that passengers can infuse their tea. This shows not only a commitment to the environment, but a concern for the wellbeing of passengers, who still want to live in luxury even as they give up environmentally harmful practices.

As with most concept cars, Rinspeed never intend to put the Snap into production. However, it acts as a vision of what is possible. The Snap shows the kind of features the cars of the future should be aiming for - fully automated, congestion reducing, environmentally sustainable and a pleasant experience for passengers.

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