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07/05/2018 1301

Qiantu Motor Concept 1 and K20 Concept

Qiantu Motor has issued the following press release:

Driving Pleasure Electrified Qiantu Motor Brings Three Models to Auto China 2018

(BEIJING, April 25, 2018) -- Qiantu Motor Tuesday brought a lineup of three cars — QIANTU K50, QIANTU K20 Concept and QIANTU Concept 1, representing its three product platforms — to Auto China 2018. With “driving pleasure” at the core of its automotive philosophy, Qiantu Motor is committed to creating cars capable of delivering outstanding driving pleasure by integrating avant-garde design, open connectivity platforms, lightweight materials, and modular electric drive technologies.

“Qiantu Motor has ‘Evolution in Motion’ as its brand slogan,” said Lu Qun, Chairman of Qiantu Motor. “Our target customers are innovative people who continuously break ground, lead the way, and challenge the seemingly insurmountable with a daring spirit.”

QIANTU K20 Concept makes public debut an compact-type sports car built specifically for young people

The QIANTU K20 Concept, which is making its debut at Auto China, is the first concept design built on Qiantu’s medium and small car platform. It is an compact-type two seater sports car aimed at young people. The QIANTU K20 Concept’s notable styling cues include its eye-catching front end and long fastback roof, with lines inspired by surfing waves to emphasize the model’s youthful appeal. In terms of performance, the QIANTU K20 Concept features a dual electric motor driving all four wheels and accelerates from zero to 100 kmh in less than six seconds, with a top speed in excess of 190 kmh. Coupled with its compact design, this allows it to navigate urban traffic quickly and efficiently.

The QIANTU K20 Concept features high-end technology across the board, including a steering wheel with two touchscreens, an instrument cluster display with streaming media multiple-layer interaction, and a center display. In addition to providing a high level of performance, the QIANTU K20 Concept is also packed with safety features, with a high-strength aluminum alloy body construction that is structurally lightweight. In addition, the body construction features a crash box to provide the maximum impact absorption in the short front crumple zone and, together with the crash-resistant powertrain and suspension design, this helps ensure cabin integrity and safety.

QIANTU Concept 1 in debut a premium business hatchback for elite customers

Also making its debut along with the QIANTU K20 Concept is the QIANTU Concept 1, a premium business hatchback built for elite customers who seek both “driving pleasure’ and a desire to balance work and family life. The QIANTU Concept 1 contains several familiar styling cues, including a long fastback roof and visually smoother lines, and differentiates itself with original three-dimensional hollowed-out LED headlights, which match perfectly with the brand’s signature dragonfly logo. Inside, the QIANTU Concept 1 reinvents the interior space with a “think outside the box” design idea of “6060” by featuring curved surfaces in its driver seat and rear right seat. With one in a C shape and the other a reversed C shape, this ensures ample space for both seats and meets the needs of several different scenarios. Meanwhile, the model’s hinged-door design with no B-pillar makes entry and exit more convenient and further enhances its premium stature. In terms of technology, the model features a reflective full-windshield Heads-Up Display (HUD) that projects key information for the driver onto the optimal section of the windshield.

QIANTU K50 upcoming Qiantu Motor’s first high-performance electric sports car

The QIANTU K50 is a pure electric sports car designed for city life. It makes the most efficient use of its battery and provides fantastic driving pleasure. Its unique design calls to mind a shark at rest in the city, its sharp and powerful lines pointing to the car’s agility and dynamism. The QIANTU K50 has a carbon fiber body cover with its T-shaped battery pack positioned along the centerline and is powered by a dual electric motor driving all four wheels. It can accelerate while fully laden from zero to 100 kmh in just 4.6 seconds, continuing to a top speed of 200 kmh. Its emphasis on driving pleasure is also shown through its Brembo 4-pistol brake calipers with red finish and 19-inch forged aluminium wheels with Pirelli tires. Though designed as an urban car, it offers a generous overall driving range of up to 365 km.

During the auto show, Qiantu Motor also launched an online test drive offer to potential customers of the QIANTU K50 and will arrange test drives according to consumer requests. The QIANTU K50 is expected to go on sale in the middle of 2018.

Qiantu Motor will release a full lineup of electric cars based on these three product platforms

Based on its three major product platforms (small car platform, medium and full-size car platform and high-performance sports car platform), and with “driving pleasure” at its core, Qiantu Motor will develop and roll out a comprehensive 1-2, 3-4 and 5-7 seat EV lineup to cover all urban and suburban transport needs and provide fantastic pleasure for driver and passengers throughout their journey.

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