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04/01/2019 281

Outside the Box Career Options for Gearheads

Outside the Box Career Options for Gearheads

For car enthusiasts, finding a career that fulfills your love for cars presents plenty of options - considering there’s roughly 750,000 jobs in the auto industry today. However, locking one down that pays enough to afford your dream car and allows for some creative freedom is easier said than done. When considering a job in the auto industry, it’s important to think outside the box. And while all of us would love to race in Formula One or NASCAR, there are plenty of other options that are just as thrilling and interesting.

Mechanic/Pit Crew on a Race Team

If you find yourself itching with a need for speed, but don’t necessarily need to be behind the wheel, consider a career as a mechanic for a race team. This allows you to get up close and personal with the action on the race track, and lets you be a part of a winning team. Not to mention that you will be traveling to new places as a part of whatever racing circuit you belong to. In fact, there are a high number of former NCAA football players like former Alabama linebacker Rowdy Harrell - who’ve flocked to pit crews because they require huge amounts of stamina and strength to be successful. Now, a job like this isn’t easy to find, as you need to be incredibly skilled as a mechanic, and most importantly - fast. Practice your skills in your free time, and work on local race tracks to get a feel for the industry you want to work in. If you pay your dues for a while and are skilled enough, you might just get a big break on a professional team.

Car Collector/Restorations

If you’re able to come up with the funds to invest in vehicles, you could quickly turn it into a lucrative career that allows you to buy and sell valuable cars. There are many routes you can take in order to get into this field, but they almost all require that you have some money up front in order to make your initial purchases. As a part of this job, you may be required to buy old, beat up vehicles to restore them. To do this correctly, it’s important to use trusted parts sellors and to have the proper protection for the interior of the cars as well. Major car collectors keep their vehicles clean with resources like in order to keep the dirt and grime from the road in one place when the car is parked. In order to get a career like this off the ground, having a reputation as a trusted collector who keeps the cars clean, and in good working order is paramount - so make wise investments when starting out, and take the time to make sure that there are no hidden problems with the vehicles you buy.

As a car lover, you’re lucky to have so many options in the auto industry that allow you to work directly with vehicles. But in order to navigate the field in a way that will help you have freedom financially and creatively, you need to find a niche that makes your services invaluable. From joining a race team, to restoring old classics, the most important factor to finding success in a car-related field is to have a true passion for what you do. Be willing to stick it out at the jobs that aren’t as much fun in order to get to the point where you can pick the cars you want to buy/work on in an environment that suits you.

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