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18/02/2017 1395

Monte Carlo Automobile announces Centenaire V12 with 1100hp!

A very small supercar company from Monaco - Monte Carlo Automobile - has been building supercars since 1983. This little known manufacturer is mostly remembered for their Lamborghini-engined Centenaire model.

Now, MCA has just reminded about themselves at the SIAM 2017 (Salon International de l'Automobile Monaco). Monegasque boutique brand announced development of a direct successor to the Centenaire's legacy!

The new carbon model in development is named Centenaire V12. It will be a hybrid supercar powered not only by 6.6-liter V12 engine capable of 800hp and 1000Nm but also by newest electric motor. The car will get a 7-speed sequential gearbox to deliver massive power to rear wheels, plus a KERS system.

New Monte Carlo automobile will be a carbon-bodied hypercar. Its aerodynamic bodywork will be made of carbon fiber which will help to reduce weight down to estimated 1250 kg. MCA says that Centenaire V12 will be good enough for a top speed over 370 km/h and its 0-100 acceleration time will be just 3.1s!

Sounds good? We'll keep you informed about the development of this might machine, if there's any.

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