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30/08/2018 770

Lada 4x4 Vision Concept unveiled at Moscow Motor Show


Freedom without borders ... Facing the daily urban routine, we are increasingly seeking to break out of it, in order to learn the true nature and the "wild" side of ourselves. For us, it does not matter what we will do - meet the dawn in the mountains, travel from Moscow to Vladivostok, explore volcanoes in Kamchatka, watch the sunset on Lake Baikal or just admire the starry sky.

On the way to the uncharted LADA 4x4, VISION organically looks both in the flow of cars moving through the city jungle, and in overcoming deep fords, and forcing forest and mountain ranges. For this trip, there is no possibility!


Forty years after the creation of our legend, the LADA 4x4 car, we took the liberty and threw a new challenge. The concept car LADA 4x4 VISION was based on the reincarnation of the philosophy of our legendary off-road tool. We adapted it to the modern needs of our customers, bringing to a new height aesthetics, comfort and technological component, creating a perfect machine. LADA 4x4 VISION - hard and brutal and at the same time sporty and refined. He is our vision of what a new LADA SUV could be like.

The concept car immediately attracts attention thanks to a combination of athletic proportions, charismatic character and impressive design. At LADA 4x4 VISION, the design team was able to bring "IKS graphics", which is an integral part of Brenda DNA, to a new level and translate the future of LADA models into a design language.

The vertical front of the model is highlighted by a three-dimensional black glossy IR-shaped grille. Its expressive appearance contrasts with matte inserts, also made in the form of X-graphics. Two brilliant aluminum boomerangs optically isolate Brenda DNA. Thin high-tech LED lights contribute to the ICS design and visually resonate with the grille. In the relief hood harmoniously integrated LED turn signals, recalling the common pedigree with the legendary LADA 4x4. An intricate light ensemble is complemented by fog lamps located in the lower part of the front bumper. The wide metal bumper guard plate accurately shows the true potential of this car.

The elements of the IKS graphics are transferred to the side parts of the LADA 4x4 VISION, where they acquire a special three-dimensional shape, transforming the car into a living creature, showing the surrounding powerful game of muscles. The aluminum lining between the front wheel arch and the door carries the tricolor of the Russian flag, the LADADesign logo and the extruded LADA 4x4 silhouette.

Once again, drawing inspiration from the legendary car, the long front doors of the LADA 4x4 VISION mirror the X-shaped forms embodied in the rear of the car. Optical mirage leads to the perception of the body three-door. Visually camouflaged rear doors provide passengers with enough room to enter the car and open in the opposite direction to the traffic. The 4x4 body is stripped of the central rack and carries the elements of the coupe.

Matt mats in the lower part of the SUV stand out impressive wheel arches, together with the overlays on the thresholds and moldings, they complement the brutal look of the concept car and work in contrast to the body of matte bronze. A specially created car coloring color enhances the 3D effects of playing light and shadow on the relief body of the LADA 4x4 VISION.

21-inch wheels give the concept-car sporting proportions and provide a significant ground clearance. The original 5-spoke two-color discs support the brutal look of LADA 4x4 VISION.

A large panoramic glass on the roof of the car gives extra access to sunlight, providing a fusion between the passengers and the outside world.

The design of the back of the LADA 4x4 VISION is characterized by the same powerful relief forms. Rear bumper and metal protective cover, horizontally located LED lights continue the topic of IKS graphics. The upper and lower sections of the lanterns are designed for parking and brake lights, while the swing signals are hidden in the recess. The rear protection pad is adjacent to two trapezoidal trailing hooks.


LADA 4х4 VISION is created on a special platform with a length of 4.2 m. Outstanding levels of ground clearance, short overhangs, extreme corners of entry and large wheels reinforce the geometry of this SUV. Transmission with a wide range of high and low ratios, a combination of advanced off-road technology and assistance systems provides the concept car an unbeatable set of off-road capabilities in its segment.

LADA 4x4 VISION is a striking example of a high-tech car that provides its passengers with a complete set of digital off-road systems that give the driver a completely new experience of safe driving in extreme conditions. 2 large floating digital screens provide the driver and passengers with all the necessary information. Located behind the steering wheel the main combination of instruments has an X-shaped shape, the information is transmitted using easily readable graphics. The central screen with a set of on-line and off-line services helps all on board to successfully overcome any city quests. Atmospheric illumination of the salon is not only functional, it creates in its interior an amazing inner world.

The doors in their design are divided into four sections: the central horizontally oriented facing the dashboard, there are musical columns on it, on the back there are "floating" folds of the armrests. The overall color mood in the cabin is maintained by combining the orange backlight of the instrument panel and atmospheric illumination of the same shade.

All seats have the same original design with a bright game of textures and materials. Textiles with the effect of 3D, eco-leather and multilayer mesh textiles are complemented with illuminated decorative ornament.

On the right, opposite, side of the fuel tank is a 220V socket, designed to charge any electrical appliances with the car running and locked doors locked by the central lock. This function further extends the scope of the LADA 4x4 VISION capabilities, making it adaptable to any adventure.

LADA 4x4 VISION was able to balance the amazing nature of the LADA 4x4 and the new genetic makeup of the Marki cars, skillfully combine them with a powerful, modern, sculpture-fashioned car design and artfully created high-tech interior space.

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