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27/12/2015 1674

Jannarelly Design-1 - a car with a soul of the '60s

Are we witnessing a breakthrough in a specialty car market coming from the east? That is the first question that came into my mind when I saw the renderings of the Design-1 by Anthony Jannarelly. This professional automotive designer already has such model in his portfolio like world's most expensive supercar - W Motors Lykan HyperSport - as well as newly released Fenyr SuperSport by the same United Arab Emirates company. A recently announced Zarooq Sand Racer racing off-roader is also his work.

Three exciting and ultra modern designs are already in one or another stage of development but Mr Jannarelly is not going to stop here. Far from that! Joining forces with Frederic Juillot this year he established Janarelly Automotive in Dubai, UAE.

Intriguing fact is that Mr Jannarelly plans to make a car as much different to his previous designs as it can be! Forget extravagant multi-millionaire supercars and super off-road vehicles. The Design-1 - the first model of this new company - will surprise you a lot! A classics-inspired two-seater sportscar is a tribute to the past and world's best designs. You may notice echoes of Ferrari Testarrossa or Aston Martin DBR1 in the Design-1. However, under the fiberglass (or carbon) skin of the classic speedster lies modern mechanicals.

Based on the chassis  made of steel tubular frame and structural aluminum panels, the car houses naturally aspirated Nissan 3.5-litre V6 engine mid-mounted in rear. It is good to deliver 300hp to the rear wheels.

The Janarrelly Design-1 is currently in prototype manufacturing stage, but the company possesses positive plans to have a completed prototype in April, 2016 before first Launch Edition deliveries begin in the summer. Yes, price. This beauty will not cost millions of dollars. No staggering price at all! The price tag for it starts at 55.000 USD excluding delivery and taxes. Looks like an excellent bargain..

Let's wait for the new year to see if this project can really make it a time-travel to the past. For now, I truly believe that the soul of the '60s is living a new life in a modern classic named Janarelly Design-1.

Photos: Jannarelly Automotive

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