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05/11/2017 1202

Introducing Saphir. French team creates a homage to Bucciali.

Bucciali - the name that not many of us has heard about and even less of us remember - was a short-lived French manufacturer of some of the most extravagant cars of the 4th decade of the 20th century! Established by brothers Paul Albert and Angelo Bucciali, the company is most notable for the flamboyant TAV-12 "La flèche d’or" (French - "golden arrow") model. It was a gigantic and innovative car! The Bucciali was over 6.3m long and the wheelbase was more than 4 meters! Moreover, it was a front-wheel-drive car! On top of that, the car got an exceptional bodywork by famous coachbuilder Saoutchik. There's one and only known example of this Bucciali car in the world and the best thing - it is well restored now! It was even shown at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in 2006!

Having this great legacy in mind and following the innovative spirit, a small French team of Camille Busson, François-Xavier Fonbonnat and Patrick Giraud is creating the Saphir - homage to Bucciali. The prototype building project is ongoing since the August, 2015. The car is created using clay modeling and will get an aluminum bodywork upon carbonfiber frame. Saphir is an extraordinary styling exercise - truly not from this age! The car perfectly embodies Art Deco spirit, just like the original Bucciali. Following the predecessor, it has extreme dimensions, as well. It is nearly 5 meters long, almost 2 meters wide and less than 1 meter high. You must see the car of such dimensions in person to believe that it's real! Important fact is that the Saphir will get electric engines producing 400hp and 500 Nm! If true, the Saphir could become the most glamorous electric automobile of our days. This is what the team has to say about their creation:

"This car is a poetic vision of what could be the sound of an electric car. It works like a wind instrument, more precisely an organ pipe except that you need to drive it to supply in air the car. Each road, each street becomes a very unique track where to play and have a non usual experiment."

Truly, a lovely idea and excellent design work! We wish the Saphir project team a huge patience and success with their adventure. We will, definitely, bring you more updates on it as soon as they become official. Stay tuned!

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