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22/06/2015 1582

Gray Design and VAD delivers Ferrari 458 GT3 Curseive to Mikael Persbrandt [w/VIDEO]

Gray Design and VAD have issued the following press releases:

What started as an idea between Eduard Gray and Vogue Auto Design (VAD) has now become reality in the form of the VAD Curseive Ferrari 458 GT3. Our dream of creating a road-legal GT3 458 caught the attention of one of Swedens leading actors and GT3 fans, Mikael Persbrandt, and work commenced at the Lights 2 Flag workshop to bring this design to life. This project was made possible by the amazing talents of Adam Barmby and his crew from BAMD Composites, the fitting skills of BAMD & Lights 2 Flag, and the final photogreaphy was shot by one of Scandinavian’s finest photographers, Daniel Ahlgren.

Fitted with AG Luxury Alpha One forged wheels in sizes 10x20 > 275/30R20 front and 13.5x21 >355/25R21 rear concave profile with carbon fibre outer rims, gloss black centre and inner barrel, with rosso red logo and hardware. A special thank you to the partners in the build, Capristo Exhaust, Ohlin Suspension, Avant Garde wheels, Pirelli Tyres and BAMD Composites.

The results are spectacular and serve as a showcase of what is in store for futur collaborations between Gray Design and VAD, with more GT3 conversions and exclusive bodykit deliveries.


VAD Ferrari 458 Curseive

It’s taken just over 12 months from the initial collaboration between VAD and Gray Design on the beautiful Ferrari 458 Curseive, and with the help and extraordinary talents of our composite partner Adam Barmby and his fantastic team at his company BAMD, it’s gone from a rendering // concept to reality.

It all started with my vision to bring the look of the GT3 458 to a road going car, and I wanted to work with the talented design guru Eduard Gray, his design skill set is quite extraordinary, unbeknown to me Adam shared my exact desire, and it wasn’t until we met and discussed the programme we realised we shared the same goal... to build the ultimate looking road going Ferrari 458, so its mission accomplished.

After sourcing a used GT3 aero kit some 12 months previous it didnt take me long to realise that the fit was terrible, for a race car not a problem as the fit doesn’t have to be perfect as its all based on a quick release system for easy replacement of damaged panels during race weekends, but for a £100,000 plus road going prancing horse the race kit just wouldn’t work, fantastic quality panels, but for what they were manufactured for a race car,  now fast forward to a meeting with  myself and Adam confirmed my earlier findings, that a GT3 aero part just isn’t for a high quality road application.

Now enter the VAD Curseive 458 and what BAMD have done is a work of art, with exquisite fit and finish, its Ferrari o.e quality with every panel manufactured using the latest carbon fibre technology, to say it’s a proud moment is very much an understatement, it’s absolutely mind blowing, it’s not only about the form, but as Adam clearly states, it’s also about function, and with an engineering and race track background, his credentials speak for themselves.

So what does the kit consist of? Well as its very much inspired by the track beauty it’s pretty much the same to look at, but a slightly tamer version considering its for road application,  where the conversion has been toned down is the front splitter and rear diffuser areas, they are smaller than the race car, but to the untrained eye look identical, front bumper with cooling side vents, complete replacement front fenders with side and top mounted cooling vents, rear over fenders, which can be bolted or blended depending on customer preference , rear bumper, inner fender liners front and rear, all topped off with a GT3 race wing, or a ducktail spoiler can be supplied as an extra on request, carbon side sills / skirt can also be supplied off the extras list.

To go with the new voluptuous body is our Quantum QRS coilover suspension, the bespoke built suspension needs no introduction, with an outstanding pedigree on the road and track, it really doesn’t get any better than these high quality units, British engineering at its finest, a neat touch is they can be specked in various colours, with a front lift kit also available on request.

To complement the build comes our bespoke build 3 piece light weight forged wheels that come in a standard or concave face profile, with either a reverse or stepped outer rim configuration, we have various designs in various finishes that can be built to exact customer specification in sizes 10x20 front and 13.5x20 rear, with a 21” option also available on request, or can also be staggered front to rear on request.

To further enhance the build, we also have our full stainless valvetronic exhaust system, so it sounds like it looks, with lots of other performance enhancements available on request.

With any build there is an options list and the Curseive is no different, with the following parts available on request.

Front vented hood

Rear engine cover

Ducktail spoiler

Carbon Doors

Wing mirrors

Side sill panels / Door entry blends

lift kit for QRS suspension

Carbon paddle shifts 


The very first Curceive build is being built by our Scandinavian partners Lights 2 Flag, owner Ricky Rasenius contacted us at the back end of 2014 with a view to building the 458 for the 2015 Gumball 3000 race from Stockholm to Las Vegas, and as his company run a 458 in the european Challenge series, so it was a no brainer to let the build commence, with lauch date of the car mid May 2015.

With the first collaboration and build of the 458 GT3 Curseive underway, Lee Hodgkins of VAD and Adam Barmby of BAMD have decided to add more GT3 road going conversions to the list with the awesome BMW Z4 GT3 aero parts being moulded along with the Audi R8 Ultra LMS, Aston Martin Vantage and he incredible Nissan GTR GT1, looks like its going to be one very busy 2015.

For more details on this awesome conversion for your Ferrari 458 get in contact with us for pricing and full build details.

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