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26/02/2018 953

GENEVA 2018 - Eadon Green gives further info on Black Cuillin and Zeclat

Eadon Green has issued the following press release:

Black Cuillin

The Black Cuillin is a car conceived with absolutely no regard to budget, only with total concentration on the essence of the idea to create a modern car inspired by the artistic beauty of a small number of cars coach built upon manufacturers chassis in the 1930s by Bugatti, Chapron, Figoni & Falaschi and Pourtout, to name but a few.

This approach never considered the logistics of production and resulted in a car that would cost over £2m if nine examples were to be built to the correct standards by a major OEM manufacturer.  Some customers may be prepared to invest this amount of money once the Black Cuillin has been further developed, and Eadon Green has serious interest from investors that means the Black Cuillin is likely to be available to test drive by early 2019.

Rolls Royce has been able to produce the Sweptail, a one-off car with a price-tag of some $13m, even though the car is clearly an adaptation of a standard Phantom.   The Black Cuillin is currently designed onto the Rolls Royce Wraith chassis, although we are now looking carefully at the new Phantom platform, which will offer the latest technology if suitable.


At Geneva 2017, Eadon Green enjoyed critical acclaim from press, fellow manufacturers and the public for the Black Cuillin.  At the same time, from the hundreds of enquiries made on the stand, we realized that there was enormous demand for a sports car of smaller size. The idea to realize a 1930s-inspired sports car was born.

During the last 12 months, following Geneva Motor Show 2017, Eadon Green have designed and built a pre-production and road-going prototype sports car, the ZECLAT, which we are delighted to be able present to the world at Geneva International Motor Show 2018.

ZECLAT may owe its inspiration to the Art Deco period but, by pairing an aluminium and carbon-nano-composite panelled chassis from the white heat of today’s technology, with a 6.2 litre V8 engine and lightweight carbon fibre bodyshell, ZECLAT is a thoroughly modern masterpiece.

ZECLAT will have a limited production run of 57 cars.  The first 10 confirmed orders will enjoy a complimentary ZECLAT Driving Experience day at Goodwood Race Track, home of the world famous Festival of Speed.

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