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10/06/2017 1193

FV-Frangivento Charlotte changes dress for return to Parco Valentino Show. Discover Charlotte Gold Edition!

The FV-Frangivento keeps busy schedule to introduce their Charlotte model for potential customers, partners and exotic car enthusiasts. We just reported premiere about the world premierew of the Charlotte Roadster at Top Marques Monaco. However, the company is doing just great with exclusive display of their car at Monte Carlo Casino on the occasion of Formula 1 Monte Carlo Grand Prix as well as Monte Carlo Fashion Week! 

Now, the company returns where it all began - to Parco Valentino Salone dell’Auto di Torino in Italy where the company debuted Asfane model one year ago. To celebrate successful one year anniverssary the company introduces Charlotte Gold Edition giving tribute to Shirley Eaton who acted as James Bond's "golden girl" in the movie Goldfinger.

Press release:

The car with the aquarium arrives in Turin
The FV-Frangivento automotive company celebrates the first anniversary of the foundation by presenting the "FV-Frangivento Charlotte Gold Edition" national preview at the Turin Motor Show.

From 7 to 11 June 2017, the Italian automotive company FV-Frangivento will be present at the third edition of the Turin Motor Show, where it will present the "FV-Frangivento Charlotte Gold Edition" preview, celebrating its first year of life The company that debuted in Turin in 2016 with its first prototype "FV-Frangivento Asfanè".
An intense and successful year for the company founded by designer Giorgio Pirolo and entrepreneur Paolo Mancini who have managed to involve in the project important Italian companies creating a 'system' between Veneto and Piemonte, strong of their highly specialized know-how To enter the "new century of the car" with the precise intention of caring through the design and high craftsmanship of the Italian market of electric cars and ecosostenibili at a time of high pollution.
One year to remember that FV-Frangivento, after Turin, saw a great deal of participation from the Motorshow in Bologna, at the 2500m of Tofana Patrimonio of Unesco, to then reach the prestigious Top Marques of Monte-Carlo, where success was To receive the invitation as an exclusive testimonial first in the Casino at Formula 1 and then at the Monte Carlo Fashion Week at the explicit request of Chambre Monegasque de la Mode.
On the occasion of the Salone di Torino, in honor of the charm and sensuality of Shirley Eaton, an unforgettable Bond Girl of "Agent 007 - Mission Goldfinger", FV-Frangivento Charlotte will be painted with gold.
The car features an iconic silhouette wrapped around a single line from the rear wheel to drive all the car to the front as you want to play the Jump. For its construction, aluminum-engineered components have been used with aerospace auxiliary materials, while the exterior is hand-beaten according to the ancient tradition of Turin battilastra. Significant technical contribution from Skorpion Engineering since 2000 pioneered the use of additive technologies especially for the automotive industry, the first industry to understand the huge benefits of these innovative technologies.
Charlotte is 100% electric, a hypercar equipped with four electric axial flow units, two on the front and two on the rear, for a total power of 660 kW and a consumption of 14 kWh / 100 km. It is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.6 seconds, reach 200 KM in standby time in 7.8 seconds and touch a 305 km / h peak speed. The autonomy, with the Nedc cycle, reaches the 500 kilometers. Turin will also be accompanied by "Nina", the FV-Frangivento powered electric platform powered by Driwe, the first European system integrator able to access the new era of Electric Watt.
The interiors, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, are also well cared for, with a tropical aquarium just behind the seats. The five types of skins, including those made by the 'Race', cloak the interiors by recreating the playground of light and the reflections of the water. Two-seat passengers can enjoy the feeling of a dip in the sea thanks to the two 'Waves' that wrap the seats up to the door panels. Designed to accommodate the autonomous drive, the cockpit has been thought of as a modern loft cleared from everything to leave room for the use of valuable materials, up to the silver keys. Also on a part of the suspended car, called "Island", because it resumes the triangular shape of Sicily, a Venetian Moretto was inserted.

Photo credit: via FV-Frangivento

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