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10/09/2017 808

FRANKFURT 2017 - Aspark Owl is world's fastest accelerating car!? [w/Video]

Aspark - a relatively unknown Japanese company - is planning for a world premiere of the "Owl" electric hypercar at Frankfurt Motor Show next week. They call the model "the fastest accelerating car in the world" with 0-100 km/h time of just insane 2 seconds

The company is currently working on lightweight materials like full carbon body and magnesium forged wheels to save the weight. Moreover, the is just 990 mm high and both the driving position and center of gravity are lowered to the absolute maximum .

Full details will be revealed on September 12 and we will, of course, bring you them as soon as possible. Stay tuned and in the meantime you can watch one of the test videos of the Aspark Owl.

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