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20/09/2015 3852

FRANKFURT 2015 - AG Excalibur shows the Alligator

One may remember a little known name – AG Excalibur – as the manufacturer of a Mercedes-based sportscoupe with extraordinary gigantic wheels. This very small Lithuanian outfit is back on the map of exclusive cars with their latest design – the Alligator – based on a BMW X6.

Standing lonely in a dark corner of Hall 4 at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, the AG Excalibur Alligator was a real headturner. Many people were taking photos of both exterior and interior, examining the car from a close distance. Its especially wide bodykit made by Audronis Gestautas in Kaunas makes a standard X6 look like like a small passenger car. There’s a reason why!

While the concurrent company Hamann widens a BMW X6 only by 3-4 cm, AG Excalibur made a large extra step. Measured at front and rear axles, the Alligator is respectively 10 and 15 cm wider than the stock X6! Moreover, the car is even 20 cm longer and 10 cm higher. Most probably this Lithuanian company is the only one in the world which was able to put enormous 26-inch diameter custom-made rims all round.

Another well noticeable feature of the Alligator certainly is a very characteristic front end design with a large stainless steel grille, insanely large air vents as well as similar design rear end.

Certainly, this extragavant design will not fit everyone’s taste, but as Mr Gestautas told AllCarIndex on the second press day, he has received an interest from a potential Iranian customer to build 5 such cars. AG Excalibur intends to offer this superwide bodykit for a BMW X6 at a price of approximately 40.000+ euro.

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