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12/07/2017 1513

[FEATURED] Boreas from Spain is a 1000hp hypercar!

A very brave project by a young and much dedicated team which is challenging the impossible! This is the Boreas hybrid hypercar which has been revealed at Le Mans and just recently - at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The name is not accidental - the company aims to create hypercars of god-like strength, lightning speed and volatile temper.

The newcomer has been developed by  David Sancho Domingo and his DSD Design & Motorsport team from Spain. Named after the Greek god of the nord wind, this new 1000hp machine is targeted for the club of world's most powerful and fastest high-performance cars. The company plans to make only 12 fully customized examples of their first model each one capable of achieving top speed of 380 km/h and accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. Boreas should be able to drive more than 100 km distance on electric model, as well.

Detailed specifications are yet to be confirmed, but from what is clearly visible is that the car is created to be fast and to look temperamental. The overall design is truly pleasant. Boreas aerodynamic bodywork may remind you something that you already know, but it has a good touch of originality too. Lime green accents of the static prototype well reveal its low carbon emission intensions.

Current trend is that the emissions of carbon dioxide is inversely proportional to the usage of carbon fiber, especially, when we talk about hypercars. Boreas is no exception here. You can find this lightweight yet strong material all over the bodywork - mostly in the rear part - spoiler and diffuser.

DSD's first model is still a prototype in development, however, this ambitious company plans to start its production as soon as December, 2017. Do they really challenge the impossible? We are more than curious to see!..

Photos: Boreas Project

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