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27/04/2017 1711

Calafiore Astrea - diva of stars - revealed at Top Marques Monaco!

A much teased mystery of the newest Italian hypercar has been presented at the exclusive event of Top Marques Monaco 2017. Calafiore Automobili - a new manufacturer of high performance cars - has premiered their first model - the Astrea - named after the goddess of starts. Not accidentally - as the company's motto is the famous Latin phrase "per aspera ad astra" - "through hardships to the stars". Unveiled by H.S.H. Albert II, Prince of Monaco, the automobile is designed by a young and visionary Italian designed Luigi Calafiore.

The Astrea is made using state-of-the-art materials like magnesium, titanium and, of course, carbon fiber, plus aerospace aluminum and gold! This ensures lightweight construction as well as outstanding specifications. Moreover, equipped with a 1000hp engine it is one of the most powerful cars ever made in Italy!

As this new company says, the "hypercar just brings passion and Italian art together, and when dreams meet reality, the result is pure magic." This might well be true especially that the Astrea is indeed unique looking machine. A lady in black with gold accents - this is how it looked on the showroom in Monaco! A sporty, yet, elegant style and powerful stance, open top experience and extraordinary power makes the Astrea to  be an astonishing new contender of the world class supercars.

The company will continue developing the car with the target to put it into strictly limited production. The price is not yet confirmed, but it will not be for everyone. As it happens, such cars are real collector pieces - truly custom made and bespoke.

Calafiore Automobili made a much pleasant debut this year in Monaco. A vision, a dream and a passion for super automobile has been sculpted in a form of Calafiore Astrea!

Photos: Calafiore Automobili & Top Marques Monaco

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