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19/09/2017 804

COLLABORTIVE POST: How Your Used Car Could Become A Classic: The case of Vauxhall

How Your Used Car Could Become A Classic: The case of Vauxhall

The best used cars often become classics. From the niche cars that end up as classics due to their rareness and desirability, to the incredibly well made cars that become cult classics, the next big classic car is probably parked on the driveways of British homes as we speak. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best Vauxhall cars that have gone on to become classics.

The Rare Models

The rarer the better when it comes to classic cars, as it all adds to the prestige of the vehicle regardless of the brand. Vauxhall vehicles are no exception to this rule. 
For example, in 2015, a dark blue Vauxhall tourer was sold at auction for almost £200,000. Incredibly, it has been bought as part of the purchase of a garage in 1934, when the previous owner defaulted on a debt of £7 10s, which is around £500 in today’s money.

The car spent about half a century off the road, after it had been dismantled and stored in boxes. It was then repurchased in 1991 by an owner who restored the vehicle to its former glory. The work took 12 years to complete, perfectly recreating what was once described as “the quintessential British sports car and one of the greatest ever to be made”.

Classic car stories like this are always fantastic to read. However, they’re the exception rather than the rule. So, with this in mind, let’s look at other, more accessible Vauxhalls that have become classics.

The Well Made

Viva HC (1970-1979)

The Viva HC was incredibly well made. Just over 640,000 were produced between 1970 and 1979, with over 20,500 remaining on Britain’s roads. 
Eventually replaced by the Vauxhall Astra, the Viva HC was a darling of British motoring and still remains well loved and well thought of to this day. Plus, plenty of parts remain available, so they’re easy to fix if you’re looking for something you can drive daily. In reasonable condition, Viva HCs to this day can still sell for upwards of £6,000. With stocks starting to decline, we can expect this price to increase in the coming years.

Chevette (1975-1984)

The Chevette is the model that helped turn everything round for Vauxhall. A beautiful super mini, it helped Vauxhall shake off the image of rust prone vehicles (which is an issue that does dog many classics). Its launch was accompanied by a large advertising campaign which helped to bring new people to the brand. It worked, and people bought it in their droves. Nowadays, you can pick up a reasonable model for around £12,000, with values continuing to rise.

If you’re interested in a classic Vauxhall, then online sites like Motorpoint are the best place to pick up a bargain, and you can guarantee that you’re getting the genuine article. See if you can predict the next great Vauxhall classic of the future.

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