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Best of British: A Selection of Classic Cars

Best of British: A Selection of Classic Cars

 When you think of classic cars, you may automatically think of famous American makes and models, but there’s also the array of British vehicles for you to consider. The UK has a long and prestigious list of homegrown manufacturers, who’ve been producing cars for decades – and as the old saying goes, ‘the old ones are always the best’.

If you’re in the market for a classic car, or you’ve just got a keen interest in all things vehicular, to give you a little taster of the best of British, in this post you can find a selection of fantastic examples. As well as this, there’s more information about what it is that makes them so memorable and helped to put their stamp on motoring history.

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

If we wind the clock all the way back to the start of the 20th century, Rolls-Royce produced the ‘Silver Ghost’, so called because of its colouring and the belief it was a relatively quiet model compared to others. This car seals itself in classic history as an early example of how luxury and motoring can be combined – so much so that this car is now valued at over £10 million.

Triumph Stag

A popular model in the 1970s, the Triumph Stag was a marketed as a convertible and aimed at the high-end drivers of the time. This was a successful marketing campaign and now sees these vehicles held in high regard in the classic markets. It’s also made all the better by having a powerful V8 under the bonnet, which certainly adds to its charm.

Range Rover Mk1

The first Range Rover was also launched back in the 1970s and if you look at the older designs compared to today’s, you’ll see how little has changed. While there will be mod-cons and improved construction, the longevity of these cars is clear to see. What makes the Mk1s so popular is the retro charm they can offer, plus – much like the Stag – it also has the original V8 to enjoy.

Jaguar XJ Mk1

A list of British classic cars wouldn’t be complete without a Jag – and this example more than fits the bill. The XJ Mk1 was the manufacturer’s first ‘celebrity car’ so-to-speak and became as much a style icon in the 60s as it was a fantastic car to drive. The performance offered at the time was impressive by today’s standards and could see this car reach upwards of 130mph.

Aston Martin DB5

To finish our list is another quintessentially classic British car, the Aston Martin DB5. Arguably again made famous thanks to its celebrity pedigree, this gorgeous car was of course featured in the Bond movies of the 1960s. On top of this though, it was also a model that offered stunning performance for the time, with its 4.0-litre engine producing up to 282bhp.

Additional Buying Advice

As a final point for you to consider for those of you who are potentially purchasing a classic British car, due to the longer history of these vehicles it can be worth looking into a few areas first.

There are a variety of car checks like the service history, MOT history, the vehicle history, what work has been done to repair the car and how many previous owners it has had. Finding out about these aspects can highlight any potential issues that could affect you further down the line. ENDS

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