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18/12/2017 526

5 World’s Best Must–Visit Auto Shows of Concept Cars

Do you love auto shows and concept cars? Who doesn't? What better way to celebrate innovation than by taking in the latest concept cars gracing the industry. Check out these must-visit auto shows in the world. There's plenty to choose from, but we've narrowed it down to just five.

1. Tokyo Auto Show

There are new cars on showcase every year, but this year the Tokyo Auto Show launched an electric concept car that is something spectacular. Speed isn't something that is generally associated with electric cars, but the electric concept store is a whole different animal. How different? Well, this one in particular (The Bloodhound SSC) is bragging the ability to hit speeds of up to 1,000 mph. Of course, that welcomes its own problems, but how incredible? That was just one of the offerings in Tokyo.

2. New York Auto Show

There were plenty of cars to see at this year's New York Auto Show, and many of them were concept cars. There was one, in particular, that was turning heads like no other, though. The Toyota FT-4X is something different – a concept off-road SUV that could make a Jeep fearful of the competition. Better yet, it's about the same price as a RAV4. That's right, not all concept cars are priced out of your budget and that's why checking out the latest auto shows are a must.

3. Geneva Auto Show

If you want to be seriously impressed by an auto-show of concept cars then it's difficult to compare with the Geneva Auto Show. Just a couple of years ago they showcased Bentley's new concept car, the EXP Speed 6. It's a two-seater, sports car that screams the hallmarks of Bentley. It's certainly the pinnacle of luxury and enough to make even Richard Branson jealous. This is the type of amazing concept car that makes an appearance at the auto show on an annual basis.

4. Detroit Auto Show

For Americans, there is nothing greater than the Detroit Auto Show. Detroit is the place to be when it comes to auto manufacturing. This year, we saw Audi's Q8 concept car. It's a plug-in hybrid that was styled on the massively popular Q7 and is set to hit the market in 2018. The Kia Stinger and the Infiniti QX50 were also on show, we'd list every car that made an appearance, but we'd run out of space (and time).

5. Frankfurt Auto Show

This is really the ultimate in auto shows and if you want to see the latest and greatest then the Frankfurt Auto Show is a must. The biggest auto-makers in the world arrive in Frankfurt to show off their new offerings, that includes Mercedes with their AMG Project One, which looks like something ripped right out of the future. Audi also showcased their new concept car the Aicon.

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