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17/04/2017 1049

23 years later...Volkswagen shows CC1 - Audi A2 prototype - for the first time

Premiere at the AutoMuseum: The CC1

- The prototype of the Audi A2 was developed in Volkswagen research
- 20 years later, the first public presentation will take place at the AutoMuseum
- Detailed restoration by EDAG GmbH in Gifhorn

With the launch of the Audi A2 in 1999, the brand with the four rings entered the field of low-fuel vehicles. To date, this model is based on the CC1 study. The prototype developed by the Volkswagen Research Center in the mid-1990s was recently restored by EDAG Engineering GmbH, and today officially passed the AutoMuseum Volkswagen.

The CC1 was born in Volkswagen research in the mid-1990s but never got to the public. After more than 20 years, the employees of EDAG Engineering GmbH in Gifhorn, under the direction of Herfried Wichern, have now adopted the prototypes, which have now come into their own, and have lovingly and faithfully restored them. Significantly, Markus Wassermann, production manager prototypes / serial construction EDAG, and Christian Bartsch, former employee of Volkswagen research.

The main specifications of the prototype were listed as follows: 1. Consumption of less than two liters per 100 kilometers per hour, according to the European driving cycle for emission and consumption measurements on roller testers (MVEG). 2. Maximum requirements for active and passive safety according to the European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).

The engine of the CC1 is a three-cylinder suction diesel engine with 26 kW / 35 hp and 898 ccm displacement, but a special development for this prototype. In series, later on the A2 engines from 45 kW / 55 hp (diesel) and from 55 kW / 75 hp (gasoline). The double-clutch transmission (DSG), which was equipped with an automatic flywheel, was still a predecessor at that time and contributed to the fuel reduction - now available in series.

The design, which the later series model in many features resembles on the one hand lightweight construction, on the other hand a low air resistance value. The stylishly designed covered rear wheels and the lights integrated into the front bonnet or the bumpers, for example, offer minimal wind attack points. The cw value is 0.2.

The weight of 440 kilograms is due to the carbon fiber plastic as a material for the body and aluminum for the crash frame. Thus, the CC1 weighs half as much as the later A2. Even in its dimensions, it is somewhat smaller, albeit rather minimalistic, but offers four seats.

Parallel to the futuristic CC1 was developed 1995 a Polo with full aluminum body, which has however not been preserved. The findings gained from the two vehicles then played a decisive role in the development of the Audi A2.

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