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19/12/2017 1055

2018 Ares Project Panther

Ares Design has issued the following press release:

ARES Project Panther

New big cat on the prowl in the land of raging bulls and prancing horses

ARES “Project Panther” announced as ARES Design’s first car to be developed and built in the new Modena headquarters

- Lamborghini Huracan-based interpretation of De Tomaso Pantera confirmed for 2018 production from ARES’ new Modena factory

- “Project Panther” positioned within ARES Design’s “Bespoke Creations” coach-building strategy alongside recently announced ARES Design Coupe for Bentley Mulsanne

Following the recent announcement of ARES Design’s brand-new design and production headquarters in Modena, Italy and confirmation of ARES’ latest 2017 projects – the X-Raid and Design Coupe for Bentley Mulsanne -  ARES has now confirmed its first new project to be wholly designed, engineered and built in the new factory in 2018: codenamed ARES Project Panther.

‘Project Panther’ sits within ARES’ core service of “Bespoke Creations”: very limited-run exquisite coach-built cars that aim to bring client dreams to life with superb attention to detail and rapid project delivery from ARES Design’s unique mix of traditional skills and values, and modern engineering and manufacturing technologies.

ARES Design’s in-house design team, led by Mihai Panatescu, set-out with one goal in mind: to deliver a future classic that reflects the essence of an iconic cars’ exterior style and marry it with an equally revered existing chassis. The first 2018 car produced under “Bespoke Creations” will be a stunning supercar that takes inspiration from the De Tomaso Pantera and combines with one of the truly great modern chassis: the 2017 Lamborghini Huracan – a car that recently smashed the Nurburgring production car lap record.

 Dany Bahar, Founder and CEO, ARES Design said: “This factory and Project Panther give a clear sign of our intent to design, engineer and produce the world’s most stunning bespoke and coach-built cars.

“We started ARES three years ago with unprecedented demand to work on the personalisation of clients’ cars, and have satisfied well over 200 customers with unique interiors, exterior design elements, bodywork engineering and performance upgrades. Our new Modena facility allows us to move above and beyond this normal personalisation service, bringing together new design and engineering technologies, teams of skilled craftsmen, and passionate experts who have joined us from local supercar businesses.

“We’re not restricted by corporate processes or fixed views on how ‘our’ cars should be seen, nor are we limited by technology and facilities that restrict what we can do for customers. Our new facility in Modena works perfectly for the growing market of special requests from car enthusiasts and Project Panther is the first of a portfolio of cars – and other surprises - that we will be presenting at an official opening in January.”

The ARES Project Panther is undergoing final design and aerodynamic and crash-test engineering assessment at the Modena facility, and will be built in very limited numbers, going on sale in the second half of 2018. In the meantime, and to whet the appetite of car fans everywhere, ARES has revealed a new series of images that have already been shown in private to clients, leading to a number of confirmed deposits.

Bahar continued: “Our strategy is unique in the automotive world: no other business – whether OEM, styling house, or personalisation specialists -  offers the full range of services from personalization to full coach-building under one roof with a growing global network of market specialists that we believe satisfies every possible customer desire. Project Panther feels right now like our “halo car”, but I can guarantee there is much more to come in 2018!"

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