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21/12/2017 1122

Italian snake - Aznom SerpaS designed by Camal Studio

Two leading Italian design studios – Aznom S.r.l. from Monza and Camal Studio for Turin - have joined forces to design and produce a new Italian super sportscar. They named it SerpaS (in Torinese dialect this stands for “the snake”) to highlight its appearance which reminds a snake ready to attack. Envisioned as a Gentleman Driver’s automobile, the SerpaS is a small but powerful machine.  

Under a tubular frame reinforced with carbon fiber panels hides a mid-mounted 2.6-liter V8 engine capable of producing 363hp at 10300 rpm. That must be a gorgeous high revs sound, we imagine. Considering that the car is pushed so low to the ground (max height excluding roll-bar is just 78cm!!) and is superlight (approx. 900kg), the SerpaS will provide extreme driving experience.

Camal Studio ensured that design of the car is both classic and modern. It is clean and relatively simple, emphasized with strong lines where needed. The SerpaS looks sleek and fresh without many unnecessary angles and broken lines and all other hardly understandable design attributes of the newest supercars. Actually, it is relatively simple and minimalistic automobile. No roof, no windscreen, no doors. Only you, your passenger and a lot of performance in your hands, under your feet. This car wants you to bring back to good old days of vintage racing. Lovely!

Furthermore, the SerpaS will be truly individualized automobile. It will get a hand-beaten aluminum bodywork while its interior trim is a creation of Aznom who put “Made in Italy” to the next level.

Initially, the new Italian supercar will be available with an internal combustion engine, as described before. However, it is planned that since 2020 it will get a modern electric propulsion, as well. Additionally, each customer of the SerpaS will get and “Experience” package which will enable him or her to take guided tours in the factory, to witness birth of the tailor-made automobile and even to take it for a spin on the legendary Monza race track! Andiamo, Italia!

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