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09/06/2015 2791

2015 UP Design Mole – a car for timeless emotions

At the upcoming Italian car show event Parco Valentino – Salone & Gran Premio the boutique Turin design studio run by Umberto Palermo will unveil their third official model. We have already showed you both the Vittoria Concept and Lucrezia Concept. Now it is time to unveil the Mole!  

Giving a tribute to the Mole Antonelliana building in Turin, the Mole 001 is seriously intended for very small production run. It will be a mid-engined V8 super exotic automobile  and UP Design aims to make eight examples of it. This 4600mm long and 2000mm wide automobile will use an original carbon-aluminium bodywork.

At the time being, UP Design has not released more detailed technical specifications of the Mole. Instead this Turin-based company says that their car should not be measured by top speed or acceleration parameters but instead – by the number of timeless emotions it will bring. They claim that this emotional machine will cost approximately 200,000 euro. We hope to know more about it just in the couple of days after the world premiere on the 11th of June.

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