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21/03/2014 2067

World premiere of 2014 Studiotorino Moncenisio

Moncenisio – a coachbuilt super rare sportcar - was unveiled today by Alfredo Stola and his Studiotorino team at National Automobile Museum of Turin. Giving a tribute to the Italian motorsports, specifically - Susa-Moncenisio race (the first hill-climb competition in the world) – this is a Porsche Cayman-based custom-made exotica which will be made to order in a limited quantity of just 19 examples!

While the car will retain donor’s technical structure and the engine, each specimen will receive a highly reworked sleek bodywork which includes many carbon fiber components as well a redesigned interior trim. A prototype presented today is painted in an appealing blue shade and is marked as a S.F. 1/1. This is a homage to Francesco Stola, father of Alfredo Stola, founder of Studiotorino.

Anyone interested in a purchase of a true collectible masterpiece of this Italian carrozzeria can order the Moncenisio as of now. However, this machine will not be a cheap ride. Exclusivity of a numbered vehicle will be guaranteed at a starting price tag of €145.000 for a transformation only.



March 21st, 2014. Studiotorino presents today, in the area dedicated to contemporary design at the ational Automobile Museum of Turin, its new coachbuilt model the “MONCENISIO”.

Derived from the Porsche Cayman S Type 981, this rare built to order coupé will be available a limited production run of 19 numbered specimens.

Its name is a tribute to Italian motor sports: the Susa-Moncenisio race, the first hill-climb competition in the world.

The first race took place July 27, 1902 and was won by Vincenzo Lancia in a Fiat 24 Hp.

The MONCENISIO maintains the original structure, frame, mechanics, engine, emissions, safety and reliability characteristics of the vehicle of origin.

Traditional Turin school methods of manual modeling and styling of the body, painting and interior trimming will be utilized.

The starting price for a MONCENISIO coachbuilt is € 145,00 in addition to costs incurred by the client to provide and deliver the vehicle to be transformed complete with license plates and all pertaining documents.

The above price excludes all taxes. Considering an international clientele, taxes have been excluded in order to accommodate each country’s tax rate and tax regulations.

The base price includes a long list of features and standard options. Visit and click on “Buy It” for details regarding purchase, features, and custom options.

The prototype presented today is identified with the code name S.F. 1/1. It is dedicated in memory of Francesco Stola, father of Alfredo Stola, founder of Studiotorino.

Clients and the press will be able to test drive and appreciate the MONCENISIO and why not on its namesake the Moncenisio Alpine Pass?

The MONCENISIO’S styling is the work of architect Daniele Gaglione, long time friend of the Stola family, who has generously given his name to the design work.

The styling was inspired by the 1963 Porsche Type 904 and continues as well as evolves the styling of Studiotorino’s 2006 RK Coupé. More contemporary, clean and dynamic lines characterize the MONCENISIO.

The particular shade of blue developed for the body and part of the interior of the prototype recalls the reflection of the sky upon the lake at the summit of the mountain pass.

With an altitude of 2083m the Moncenisio Pass can be found just one hour away from Turin and connects Italy with France along the ancient “Via Francigena”.

With the new MONCENISIO, Studiotorino wishes to share with its clients and fans its passion for rare sports cars and to continue the legacy of a now 95-yearold "Family" tradition of coach building.

With this press release we wish to thank our “Partner Sponsors” with whom we have had a close working relationship for many years. Together lead actors, each one with its own expertise, in the research of excellence.

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