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31/03/2014 1151

Rezvani Motors releases second teaser for the Beast

Rezvani Motors has issued the following press release:

Beware the BEAST

Orange County, Ca., 03/31/14 — With the first teaser of BEAST™ hitting the web earlier this month, Rezvani is ready to unveil more details regarding its race-bred sports car.

Track Proven

Sitting on an already tried and tested chassis, BEAST doesn’t shy away from the race track. With its lightweight carbon fiber body and a six-speed manual transmission, those behind the wheel will be able to pilot the Rezvani BEAST around any track with impressive results, and endless enjoyment.

The BEAST's driving dynamics provide tactile feedback and come with limited electronic interference.

Road Ready

But don’t let its track performance fool you. BEAST is as capable on the road, as it is on the track. The race chassis has been fine tuned to handle everyday, on-road use, while maintaing its purebred performance capabilities.

The Rezvani BEAST will be unveiled in full within the next few months.

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